Burned out by the Warm Morning this season

Burned out by the Warm Morning this season

PostBy: Smokeyja On: Thu Feb 16, 2012 9:40 pm

Ok I have had it with the little warm morning stove burning anthracite this year. It's just too much maintenance . It's a great stove and I wouldn't mind having it hooked up in my kitchen as my second stove. I have most of the year to find the perfect and affordable stove now :) . I am also putting a central air system in the house this year so that will help a lot as well. Still looking for the right priced base heater. Id love to drop 2800$ on a restored glenwood #6 but Im a metal fabricator and would rather save a bit of money and do the restoration myself. Plus $2800 cost more than any one of the three Farmall tractors I have with their implements and to be honest they are a bit more usefull than a stove. Plus I fell in love with old stoves because I restored my own :). Anyways I am done my rant. I was planning on buying a few stoves and restoring them and maybe using one but I don't think I will now because they aren't big enough and I'm too busy . If I can find a Glenwood #6 or #8 that would be awesome but if the stove is a base heater and turn style grates rather than circular shaker then I am seriously interested. Whatever it is I will not be using the WM as a main heater next season.

Alright, enough negativity from me tonight ;) .

Baseburners & Antiques: Glenwood #6 baseheater, Richmond Advance Range, WarmMorning 414a x2
Coal Size/Type: Nut / Anthracite
Other Heating: none

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