Where to Buy a 300,000 BTU Coal Fired Steam Boiler Stoker

Re: where to buy a 300,000 BTU coal fired steam boiler stoker

PostBy: Sting On: Tue Jun 12, 2012 11:57 pm

LsFarm wrote:I'd put in two boilers, run one when the heat load is light, in fall and spring, then fire them both up in the colder months..
You'll have a backup if one needs repairs, and you can find two smaller boilers for less money than a big monster boiler.

I'd go with two Axeman Anderson 260's or maybe an EFM for the lighter loads, then use an AA 260 for running hard through the winter. AA's like to work, EFM's will idle down nicely and not mind running with a very small load.

Greg L

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or there is a guy I know with a reasonably priced 1M BTU in IronFirman system - it needs a new home LOL
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