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PostBy: grumpy On: Thu. Mar. 01, 2012 8:37 pm

rberq wrote:
grumpy wrote:I just chimed in so I have to ask why do you need a liner, did I miss something?

I'm not talking about a liner, though that what the title of the thread says. I have a Metalbestos Class A chimney. So I'm wondering, if SS liners don't hold up well, will my SS chimney hold up or hole up.

Thats why I'm asking, answer to your question, no, it will fail sooner or later. Not a big deal if it's easy to replace, but it is expensive. What is a Metalbestos chimney?

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PostBy: rberq On: Thu. Mar. 01, 2012 10:02 pm

grumpy wrote:What is a Metalbestos chimney?

Metalbestos is a brand name for an insulated SS Class A chimney. Outer and inner shells SS, some kind of insulation in between, though it is not a zero-clearance item I think it requires about 1-foot clearance. Typically sold in 30-inch lengths that twist-lock together to form any length needed. It is not cheap -- at least $30 per foot, I think. The name is now owned by Selkirk, don't know if it always has been. Google it or check to see images. ... 428&sr=1-2
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PostBy: CapeCoaler On: Sat. Mar. 03, 2012 12:01 am

selkirk owns a bunch of 'Brands'...
Metalbestos is now metalbest...
bad linkage now...
back in the day it was better...
so metalbest...
Lots of sizes and lengths...
2" clearance...
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