Would You Buy a New Harmon TLC 2000 for $1000?

Re: Would You Buy a New Harmon TLC 2000 for $1000?

PostBy: tony17112acst On: Sun Apr 15, 2012 9:05 am

Thanks again for all the input on heating areas and temps ...that's exactly what I need!

The temp seemed to be between 400-450 while seeing the flames. I had it set at 2-1/2 on my first burn since I wrongly assumed 2-1/2 out of 7 was low. It turns out that 2-1/2 is as high as I'd ever want to go without a meltdown. Once next season starts, I'd like to get some temp reading from some of you. For instance, Mine is just under 250 when at 1-1/2.

Body Hammer: It sounds like you're heating area is much larger than mine since you have two floors of 24x26 plus the basement. So I'm hopeful.

EasyRay: You heating area sounds very much like mine. My finished basement area is 24x24 and the upstairs area I'm trying to heat is roughly 20x44. Next season I'll put mine at 350 degrees and see if it heats the area I have which is smaller than yours. If it doesn't, I'm hoping it not a problem with the heater, because the warranty may have expired on certain things by then.

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