New Hitzer EZ-Flow 50-93

Re: New Hitzer EZ-Flow 50-93

PostBy: Townsend On: Wed Nov 28, 2007 10:06 pm

Well, its been a few days of running this HItzer.

This stove really just cranks along. The EZ-Flow is a great feature. I've tried both nut and pea and seem to like the nut best, hence I just bought two tons.

The shaker handle. I'm happy to say that my dislike for the removable ash grate handle has subsided and I'm fine with it. I pop it on when I'm ready to shake and then it comes right off.

The ash pan. I read a post where someone did not like the three sided ash pan. (For those without a Hitzer the ash pans are built like a dust pan in a way, with the forward edge without a wall.) I think it works great, acts like a shovel when pushing the ash pan back in stove for those elusive rear hiding ashes that have in the past required me to manually shovel them out with a small coal shovel.

The built in thermostat control works excellent. Makes it easy to set the stove temp and keeps it that way. It is in the mid thirties tonight and here I sit in a T-shirt. The digital thermostat, to my now idle oil burner, reads 72 comfortable degrees, three rooms away. And steady mind you! Coming from the on again off again fluctuating temps of a old one pipe steam system, replete with banging pipes and hissing vents, this is really saying something for near 3000 sf home.

In reading the many great posts on this site one user, whom I do not recall by name, summed it up quite succinctly when he said; "We are all winners with coal.."

A toast to you my friend, indeed.
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Re: New Hitzer EZ-Flow 50-93

PostBy: Rex On: Wed Nov 28, 2007 11:40 pm

We have been enjoying our first month or so of coal burning along with the first month with the 50-93. We have been more than impressed. The hopper is very nice.

Right now we have been keeping a very low throttle of heat. The thermostat is set at the 12 oClock mark.. We never open up the front air vent so we let the automatic thermostat take care of everything. We cant wait for the colder weather so we can open'er up a bit more.
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Re: New Hitzer EZ-Flow 50-93

PostBy: New York Bear On: Thu Nov 29, 2007 9:06 pm

Glad you are liking the Hitzer, Know I am very happy with my 354. You may find, as I have, you may not need to open it up more, as it seems to regulate itself according to temperature, and stays quite stable in the house. So far, I'm only up to about thirty pounds a day, and temps are upper30's, lower 40's daytime, and 20's night time. I've found I only need to empty ashes every other day so far. How is yours doing? Oh, and my thermostat is set at 7.
New York Bear

Re: New Hitzer EZ-Flow 50-93

PostBy: Bill On: Wed Dec 12, 2007 11:31 am

Good morning,

Do you know the max operating temperatures of the Hitzer 53-90? And also the max temp of chimmney?

Thank you....Bill
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Stove/Furnace Model: Hitzer

Re: New Hitzer EZ-Flow 50-93

PostBy: New York Bear On: Wed Dec 12, 2007 6:07 pm

Bill, can't answer on the 50-93, as I have the 354, which is similar, just not gravity feed. My stack temperatur seldom goes above 200, this is with a stick on magnetic thermometer. Don't know about the stove temp, as I generally have the blower going, and I can almost touch the top of the stove when its going.
New York Bear

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