Re-using Chimney Block

Re-using Chimney Block

PostBy: JRDepew On: Thu Apr 12, 2012 12:47 pm

A co-worker of mine just tore down a chimney in his house, and I grabbed up all of the chimney blocks. They are the standard block for a single 8" ID clay flue liner. On the ends where the mortar is placed the blocks are solid, but I see some online that have reliefs for the mortar to set. Can I chip the old mortar off these blocks and use them to erect a second chimney from the basement up to the roof? This would butt up against my current chimney. If I understand correctly, I will have to check and see how thick the concrete is where I would put the new chimney, and possibly pour another footer. After that, do I use something to tie the chimneys together at each mortar joint? If so, what are they called and how are they installed? The current block chimney also contacts the floor joists when it goes through the floor, is this okay?

My option is to powervent the oil boiler, but since my heating appliances are in the center of the basement, this seems like a pain. Would I have to maintain fire clearance on the whole length of the powervent flue? This would hang very low in my basement with 8' walls, and be in the way of my home gym.

Anyone know a good mason near Binghamton, ny??

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