Iron Fireman for Ky Coal?

Re: Iron Fireman for Ky Coal?

PostBy: deerefanatic On: Fri May 10, 2013 10:56 am

Stopped at the scrap yard yesterday just to check prices, and as I'm standing there, I see an Iron Fireman peaking out of the back of a pickup truck headed for the tin crane!! Needless to say, I hand unloaded that old guy's scrap, sat the COMPLETE unit (all disassembled) aside and bought it off the scrap yard (which charged me WAY over scrap price, but way under what it's worth)

the Auger looks brand new. Tuyeres are rough though. Sheet metal is good. Motor turns over if you touch it by hand. Came with a holdfire timer too. :)

I'll probably sell the hold fire timer if it works as I have one with my other stoker, and for my system here in the shop, I've already got a micro-computer running everything else, so it may as well run the stoker too. I'll keep one of the timers to go with this second stoker for if and when the day comes that I have a house distant from the shop..
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