DHW coil in a Reading Susquehanna + other???

DHW coil in a Reading Susquehanna + other???

PostBy: Joeski On: Tue May 29, 2012 12:15 pm

Hi all you coal burner's. I finally got a coal stoker. It's the Reading Susquehanna I bought last Thursday from salemcoal from this forum. A couple of questions.

1.) Do you think adding a DHW coil is do-able even though it's not listed as an option on the Reading Stove website?

2.) Adding a Coaltrol, would that be a really good investment? I mean is it worth it with a pretty good payback from using one?

3.) Since I bought this used I took it apart except for the big duct blower and am in the process of cleaning it.

a.) I should scape the inside until it's how clean? No rust whatsoever? Using a scraper and a wire brush?

b.) Should I then paint the insides where the coal is burning and the ash is falling to?

c.) :? I can't think of that rope looking stuff that is on the door at this moment? It's not just called a gasket is it? I want to replace all that. Does anyone have a favorite source of it and the "glue" to hold it in place?

d.) I would like to add a "worm" to feed this so it's semi automatic. Where can I buy one? Would I need to go to Axemann-Anderson or EFM to get one?

Thank you so much everybody. I can't wait to stop buying oil. I have felt so ripped off these past two winters. Almost $8000.00 in oil bills. :mad:
Stove/Furnace Make: Reading
Stove/Furnace Model: Susquehanna

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