DLT 2000 Crapsman

Re: DLT 2000 Crapsman

PostBy: Coalfire On: Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:20 am

anthony7812 wrote:My manager is a tractor nut. Loves old tractors and rebuilds and sells and does it again. Picked his brain about how governors work and how they are set. Best advice he could give was that it would be highly unlikely the governor would be my problem. Could be but hard to believe he said. He gave me a bottle of lucas carb and top end cleaner. Said try this if that dont work good luck too ya. Of course me thinking bullshiit this wont work, tried it anyway and holy balls what a difference. I did do a half ass cleaning of the carb, but didnt get too thorough. I knew what a new carb cost so i didnt wanna break the darn thing. He explained with the dirty carb its hard for the engine to "level out" and would constantly chase itself for the desired load. Who'd a thunk a 7$ bottle of lucas would have her hummmin :hammer:

Seems like you got it, made my previous post before I read your fix. Good job :)

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