Coffee 6-2-12

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PostBy: Freddy On: Thu. Jun. 07, 2012 2:33 pm

It's been a long time since I was in Lock Haven, but in the early 90's I went there a few times to compete in National Trials motorcycle events. Tis a beautiful area.

Spam spam spam spam.... my old boss, the guy that taught me upholstery wouldn't eat Spam and he had a good reason. He was in the navy when WW2 ended. His ship was just about to stop in Italy and pick up supplies when the word came: "The war is over, go home". The ship headed back to the USA, but.... they were low on supplies. In fact, the only food on the ship was flour and Spam. It took nearly two weeks to get home and three meals a day they had whatever the cook could invent next. Spam & bread, Spam & biscuits, Spam and pancakes, Spam and crackers, and when the flour ran out, they ate Spam & Spam. He never touched Spam the rest of his life after he got off that boat.
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