Another Commencement Address

Re: Another Commencement Address

PostBy: jpete On: Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:40 pm

samhill wrote:Nobody but the top management gave the unions the contracts & along with it their own bonuses, they could have easily said no. In the early years unions could shut a company down for the most part but that was many decades ago, for a long time now only one plant of one of the big three could be picketed & the company choose what plant. Just like with the Gov. when everything is going well they could care less, just pass the costs on & the dumb loyal consumer would pay.

And now you are cheering for the same thing out of Big Government.

Bail out everyone and pass it on to the dumb taxpayer.
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Re: Another Commencement Address

PostBy: samhill On: Fri Jun 22, 2012 7:29 am

Not at all Jpete, don't try & put words in my mouth I'm simply stating how it is, just like most things there are always more sides to a story. Whose fault is it that pensions & such are not properly funded, it's on the Co. side that determines that but I guess the union has some input but they don't get to see the books. I'm in the Carnegie Pension Fund & it was set up back when Andrew was running it & nobody can fool around with it much. Years ago they were in the beginnings of what would be a hostile takeover by some Brit that was doing a lot of them (kind of like an early less sophisticated Bain)but as soon as he found out the pension plan was a separate entity he quit. So finally 2 or 3 contracts ago USS got to freeze the plan & no new hires would get into & instead be in a Co. controlled plan, IMO those people will all get screwed.
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