Coffee 6-23-12

Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: Freddy On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:51 am

Good morning! Welcome one and all. Come in, join us for coffee and comradely. Share a story & a blueberry pancake. <sip> Ahhhh, good coffee.

The Axeman Anderson is flame out. I finally got the new fangled hybrid electric water heater on line and Wednesday morning I shut the AA down & turned the Hybrid on. So far, so good. The only complaint is that it bypasses the heat loop piping and we no longer have "instant hot water" at the kitchen sink. We will suffer the summer season and wait for hot water like most people do. It's amazing how little things spoil us!
. The AA's don't go down without a fight...this morning the CO detector was chiming in the boiler room. LOL 60 hours after shut down & the AA is gasping, but apparently still alive!

Had to put new shocks on the front of my '97 Ford Van. So far just have one done. Smitty will enjoy this picture. The lower bolt is welded to the frame. I had to cut the nut off, then hole-sawed the bolt out and replaced it with a grade 8. I placed a new nut next to the old one to show how rust made the old one so very small. Look how much rust came off the frame while beating on the beast! Sad, so sad, no way will it make it to 2017. I was hoping for 20 years. I'm thinking one more year & it's junk. *sigh* Brand new it was $17,200. New ones now are over thirty!
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: freetown fred On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:33 am

Morning. Real good coffee as usual my friend. I've been waiting for these blueberry pancakes. :) Outstanding Freddy. Hell, those shocks are just getting broke in Freetown standards. Youngest girl (22) has returned to the nest minus vehicle. :( After 4 interviews, she has accepted a financial offer from the ATT cell/ accessory store in Cortland--4 interviews??? :wtf: Never heard of all that. I guess I really am getting old LOL. Think I've got a 99 Pontiac grand something or other lined up for her--looks & sounds good for $1000.00 from an old biker buddy of mine that has worked the machine shop at our local NAPA store for 25 yrs. I don't do this soccer mom transporting real well. Got that & an Amish auction today---we'll see what we come home with. Thank God this heat wave broke yesterday, a nice comfy NYS 55* this AM. Have a good week end all.
freetown fred
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: samhill On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 7:08 am

Good Morning all, blueberry pancakes, my favorite. I' m with Freetown on those shocks, still plenty of miles left I usually wait until either end falls free. Good luck at the auction Fred, maybe I'll see if there's an interesting one around here but I should just stay & continue cleaning out the garage. In the 50s right now & I'm lovin it, hope everyone has a good safe day.
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: 009to090 On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 7:17 am

Good coffee Freddy! Good morning all! Yep, that storm front came thru about 5:30pm yesterday, and took the temp from 97F down to 79F :shock: . What a pleasure!
We needed the rain. The grass started turning brown last week, and hasn't grown at all since then.
On the other hand, the farm across the street from us had plenty of time to thoroughly dry their first cut, before baling it. My daughter does a great job at supervising :whip:
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: Rob R. On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:03 am

Good morning. The heat finally left town and we have a nice cool morning. It hit 95 on Thursday, and that is enough to make me run for cover! My EFM held a fire just fine through the heat wave, and is keeping the basement warm and dry. I caught up on some painting yesterday, and started today off with a big cardboard fire. :D

The pool is 80 degrees, and should get plenty of use this weekend. Ivan floats around in a plastic tugboat and squeals with excitement. Later today I am smoking some chicken will be a tough job keeping an eye on the smoker for 3-4 hrs, good thing I have a lot of beer.
Rob R.
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: hcarlow On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:42 am

Good Morning All ,

Yes, that cooler weather sure is fine here also . Not one for a coffee but sure like those blueberry pancakes .
Rob that pool and chicken sure sounds great , you guys have a great day .
Looking at that hay sure brings back some great memories . Fred do you have all your haying done yet ?
Everyone have a great day and God Bless
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: lsayre On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:07 am

We welcomed our second grandchild into the world yesterday, granddaughter Capri. The coffee and eggs taste extra good today. :D
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: lowfog01 On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:51 am

Hi everyone,

I'm in GA this week where the family is gathering after being told not to expect Dad to be with us after this week. Actually, the doctor said days so we wait. Fortunately, Mom has been able to keep dad comfortable and at home. Obviously, that's been the focus of my life since school got out last week.

My daughter is keeping an eye on the bees. I now have 3 boxes of brood with all the frames filled with comb, honey and baby bees. Weds my daughter put on the queen excluder and the first honey super. The "girls" are busy filling those frames with comb now. Since the queen can't lay in that box that honey is mine to do with what I want - in theory any way. Since this is my first year and I'm supplementing the bees' food with sugar water anything they put in that honey super isn't really honey; it's sugar water. Once those frames are full I'll take them out, open the cells and give it back to the bees to clean out. Having those empty frames/combs available will allow the bees to start making honey early next spring. I'm told that I can expect 40 or 50 lbs of honey per box in the fall of 2013. It has been interesting so far.

Well I'm off to do some errands for my mom. A trip to Walmart here is major trip, there is no dropping in on the way home. :) Take care, Lisa
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: SteveZee On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:33 am

Morning everyone,

I just finished catching up a bit and decided to stop by Freddies. Glad to see all are well and enjoying the summer.
I've been rebuilding my front sunporch that I used for a green house the last years. It had a second floor deck on it accessable from a bedroom that I had to tear off to roof the dang thing. Left it too long and had to replace half the roof boards. Reglazed all the old wood sash which was a tedious job getting that old putty out with a heat gun. Total of about 38 panes had to be done!
Today I'm off to rent a floor sander for the floor before refinishing. Everything else is painted and ready to go. By this time next week it should be done the little ladt can take delivery of the wicker furiture set she bought in Searsport, Maine. Be a nice chillin spot for 3 seasons of the year. Good to see you all spending time with the family. That's what summers for in my book.

Got a lobster/clam bake planned for the weekend after the 4th on an island beach near here. We'll all boat out there in a couple or 3 skiffs and whoop it up for a day. Have a great week everyone.
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: Dann757 On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 11:47 am

Hey everybody, it's me crazy ole Dan. :) I had guess what for breakfast- Jimmy Dean factory croissant sausage/egg frozen sandwich that never saw a chef or a human hand for that matter. I was in Costco last week and impulse grabbed the nifty red box that is more air and packaging than "food". But I'm not complaining! That sandwich just got me through the last of the wheelbarrow labor I did for a local homeowner. I had to avoid him until the heat wave passed! Glad that project is complete :!:
I did a little tree trimming work here in the heat and had to rest and drink water every two minutes. I tried to save the last old apple tree at the end of the field. did some trimming and discouraged some carpenter ants that had a nice place to live inside the hollow parts of the trunk.

Dragged an old metal shed across the field on a homemade sledge yesterday, no big deal. All of a sudden I have a bunch of lawnmowers to fix up, gotta keep 'em out of the rain.
It sounded like thunder bumping across the grass :D The storm was awesome yesterday and cooled the air by 20 degrees.
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: freetown fred On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 2:25 pm

Yep, 1st cuttin is mowed, baled & put up. Don't think there is going to be much of a 2nd cutting unless we get some rain out this way. Congrats Larry. :)
hcarlow wrote:Good Morning All ,

Yes, that cooler weather sure is fine here also . Not one for a coffee but sure like those blueberry pancakes .
Rob that pool and chicken sure sounds great , you guys have a great day .
Looking at that hay sure brings back some great memories . Fred do you have all your haying done yet ?
Everyone have a great day and God Bless
freetown fred
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: franco b On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 4:50 pm

Dann, you are one handy and clever guy. Seems like there is nothing you can't turn your hand to.
franco b
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: freetown fred On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:10 pm

Interesting. I have not seen any tent caterpillars or wasp/hornet nests anywhere around the old homestead so far this year, yep, interesting. Plenty of bumble bee's pollinating though, compared to very few last year. :? :clap: toothy
freetown fred
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: SMITTY On: Sat Jun 23, 2012 10:15 pm

Lots o white-faced hornets around these parts this year - big bastards too! One of 'em was trying to build a nest right in one of my garage door frames. Just so happened that I had just came home with some fresh cans of wasp/hornet spray. DISPATCHED! :D

Nice shocks Freddy! :lol: Been a while since I've done a set like that. I usually never keep them that long. That's one thing I'm very picky with, in addition to acceleration & braking quality -- RIDE quality. That's why I always spend stupid money on Bilsteins for every vehicle we own (except the Blazer, which has Edelbrock IAS shocks). They really transform the ride. IF your shocks are real worn out, the transformation is downright AMAZING. It's a good upgrade, especially if your getting bored with, or sick of the particular vehicle -- it's like having a new car without the payments, taxes, & insurance cost. 8-)

Yesterday I stole a carburetor off my father's old Echo weedwacker, & installed it on my "less-old" Echo weedwacker. The reason? Older ones have adjustments - so you can have it running optimally no matter what the weather, or no matter how crappy the fuel is. His had no primer, but I didn't care - I want ADJUSTABILITY! Hate the new EPA crap carburetors they put on these new ones. I'm amazed they haven't thrown some electronics in there for fuel injection, just to make them even LESS reliable ..... but I digress ... Took the intake manifold with each, because the orientation was different. Had to fabricate some throttle cable mounts on each for the swap as well. Mine came out much neater than dad's. They both start & run ... and mine runs better than ever, so mission accomplished.

We just got that cold front a couple hours ago. Lots o wind & rain, but real quick & not very violent. Thunder seemed to miss us to the north & south. That cut short the tranny/transfer case extraction from the Trooper. Man, I picked a bad week to work on that thing. Heat index was over 105° the day I started. But I'll take heat any day over being cold. ;)

So since the rain drove me into the barn, I figured I'd finish doing the forks on my buddy's Nighthawk, since the correct seal driver was in the mailbox (that was some quick shipping!). That ended when I did this to my hand. Back indoors for some food & air conditioning ... and a nap! :lol:
Hand, smashed.JPG
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Much neater than next pic - my machine, of course. ;)
Took a bit of patience drilling until I got just the right size so the front half of the brass cable fitting slid in, stopping at a very small shoulder. No hardware holding it in at all - came out perfect.
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Mikey moused with a spring - couldn't get the cable straight enough to return on it's own. This is dad's old machine. That big black plastic contraption is off the Jimmy - was a brake line block - keeps lines from rubbing against each other. Worked nicely. ;)
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Re: Coffee 6-23-12

PostBy: wilder11354 On: Sun Jun 24, 2012 7:20 am

Blueberrry hotcakes sound good. Coffee always works in the morning. Still getting 1st cutting of hay down, have another field to bale sunday, should get another field dropped sunday AM.Planted the buckwheat last weekend on top fields for green manure to build up soil in them fields. In the afternoon got GSons ATV fired up since rebuild. Took a dozen kicks to prime carb, and fired right up after that. On/Off switch is not working, since TORS removal, so I have to do a little wiring to get it working right. Now this bad boy starts on first kick, after adjusting carb . Gsons happy, happy, happy!! Got to call graphics guy see if he has them done to get new plastics on it. Then misc. items and hes good to ride.
Good news, I got a person to commit to buying all the timothy hay I put up, about 550 square bales out of the one field. Barn smells nice and sweet with the fresh hay in it. :yes:
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