107F Today. Heat Index of 112F

Re: 107F today. Heat index of 112F

PostBy: steamup On: Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:49 pm

Wood'nCoal wrote:
homecomfort wrote:Too bad noone yet figered a way to run a/c on anthracite.

It could probably be done using the same type of system a gas or kerosene refrigerator uses. :idea:

How well it would work and how economical it would be I have no idea.

Here is a small "water Fired" chiller. 10 tons could cool two large houses.


Could be fired with a EFM DF520, AHS260 or AA-260.

Efficiency? Based on 200 dollars a ton for coal, you would burn $1.65/hr in coal plus electrical loads. A air conditioner with an EER of 9.7 and $0.14/kwh of electric would burn $1.73/hr of energy.

Central Air conditioners for furnaces are availble with high EERs now. It would be a little cheaper to run a high efficiency central air unit verses a coal fired absorbtion unit. Also, it would be much more controll-able.

Cost of an 10 ton absorbtion unit, Last I knew over $10,000.00 just for the unit. By the time you bought the cooling tower, piping, pumps , controls and installed it, you would have $40,000 into the system without the coal boiler.

High cost and no payback = stick with electric A/C.
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Re: 107F today. Heat index of 112F

PostBy: europachris On: Mon Jul 09, 2012 2:49 pm

Similar idea, only using waste oil for the heat source: Waste Oil burning A/C

Pretty darn complex system, but very clever.

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