Romney's Character

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PostBy: grumpy On: Sat Jul 07, 2012 8:16 pm

freetown fred wrote:I would like to think if you are really following what's already going on about NDAA, you'd see he really doesn't have to do much but let it run it's course & unfortunatly that don't happen over night.

No not following....

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PostBy: beemerboy On: Thu Jul 12, 2012 6:13 pm

Romney's (lack of) Charactor.

When Willard was in prep school he (and his posse) knocked down another kid and cut his hair because Willard thought it was funny, he also walked a nearly blind teacher into a wall. Also because he thought it was funny,

While in collage he had a police uniform and a badge taken from the state police (his father was governor) and for laughs would impersonate an officer and pull over unsuspecting drivers. A felony. but, because daddy was governor, it was covered up.

When Willard was in his thirties he took his family on a twelve hour trip to Canada. He put his luggage in the car and his dog on roof of his car. Along the way his dog (on the roof) got sick and pooped all of the back of the car from being terrified and possibly car sick. Did Willard show any compassion for the poor sick animal? No, he hosed off the car and dog then continued on his merry way.

Around the same time my family also had an Irish Setter. Although the dog got car sick and we had to give her meds. She never once rode on the roof of our car during our eight hour ride to Vermont. My father wouldn't even consider it.

Just within the last couple of weeks it came to light that Willard's wife (who said she won't tell her husband how many horses she has) sold a horse trained for dressage for about $150,000 to someone who later found upon veterinary inspection that it had a damaged hoof and was on so many drugs and pain killers that as the vet said he has never seen such a combination and amounts of drugs in a horse. The people are suing for the return of their money.

When Willard was working for Bain Capitol, in one factory with over a couple hundred workers he ordered the maintenance workers to build a 30 foot stage in the warehouse it may just as well have been a gallows. He then had all of the employees gather in the warehouse where he told them that they were fired and the doors will be closed and locked as soon as everyone leaves.

Willard has lived the life of privilege his whole life without any compassion for anyone else. I have seen him described as being a sociopath.

For someone who wants to show how great America is, why does he have so many bank accounts around the world in banks that don't have to disclose how much money he has so it it cant be taxed.

If he can't show any compassion for other kids in school, sick or injured animals then, how is he going to treat other people who can do nothing for him?
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PostBy: rberq On: Thu Jul 12, 2012 7:38 pm

beemerboy wrote:If he can't show any compassion for other kids in school, sick or injured animals then, how is he going to treat other people who can do nothing for him?

Well, the answer to that is obvious. In lieu of the Affordable Care Act (which he pretty much invented), if we get sick he will hose us off like the dog. And if we are not rich he will hose us at tax time too.
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Re: Romney's Character

PostBy: samhill On: Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:35 pm

BB, I have to correct you on one point, he cut the boys hair because he was believed to be gay he also may have thought it funny but it was reported for the gay part.
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Re: Romney's Character

PostBy: homecomfort On: Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:41 pm

Ok dannn, we got it, !! you, and a few others, have bought into the "new republican' lie.
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