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PostBy: freetown fred On: Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:16 am

Ya know, just like regular citizens, for every A-hole cop, there are hundreds of outstanding ones. It just seems that the gloom & doomers put all thier emphasis on that one & I think that's an insult to the men & woman that on a daily basis, put thier lives on the line for us. :(
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Re: Got Guns?

PostBy: Dann757 On: Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:37 am

Black_And_Blue wrote:major fan of limited government that is chained down the original social contract, a framed copy of which resides on my wall.

OK that's fair, there is some common ground and maybe we can work with that.

freetown fred wrote:Ya gotta love the media for stirring the pot & interviewing people that heard the shots, but saw nothing that went on.

Man you got that right. One thing we all have in common is we like to write and we like to peruse the media. If you lean left or right, you're gonna absorb what supports your outlook. When you get up one morning and the internet is gone; that will be cause for real worry.

you can look at statistics that shows for example, Chicago has one of the toughest gun laws inthe country, but one of the highest gun crime rates. Now Rahmbo just got up in front of his city and declared he won't do anything to enforce illegal immigration laws. This is the start of anarchy.
On the other hand, Arizona, which honors the 2nd ammendment, has much lower gun crime rates.
That's my outlook~ you pass anti gun laws it just cripples law abiding citizens and emboldens the lawless dregs of society.

By the way, I can't even have a wrist-rocket here in NJ. If I got caught with a BB gun, it's a mandatory 1-1/2 year sentence. Also have a duty to retreat.

Don't know who to blame but I'm deterred sufficiently with the thought of being tossed into Rahway State Prison, I wouldn't last a day.

I respect the local cops, they have a tough job to do.

Last year my truck was burglarized right in front of my place. I believe the Newark thug liquor store owners that moved in up the street; and who have disrespected the neighborhood in many ways, attracted crime here too. I have to face the fact that sprawl has changed the town. They forced low income housing into this town. People with four and five kids want this town's good schools, which has drained the tax base by 90%. I go into the local supermarket now only when I have to; it looks just like the ghetto population I endured for ten years in the urban town I lived in.
The cops caught the miscreant that stole my tools and I got my tools back.
I have a baseball bat at the front of the garage, and that's it for me. If I had have woken up and caught the thug that went into my truck, and smacked him; I would be the one jailed!!!

I showed sincere grattitude to the officer involved and the young detective that was involved in the case. That guy looked very much stressed out from his job trying to maintain law and order.
NRA forever for me.. so I hope you country guys appreciate your Constitutional rights while you still have them.

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PostBy: grumpy On: Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:32 pm

Don't know who to blame but I'm deterred sufficiently with the thought of being tossed into Rahway State Prison, I wouldn't last a day.

Your fellow citizens, or should they be called subjects?