Increasing the Heated Mass to Improve Heating Efficiency

Re: Increasing the heated mass to improve heating efficiency

PostBy: kstills On: Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:55 pm

Here's the plan:

1) Slave the old boiler into the primary loop. Winter time demand calls will then have ~52 gallons of 185f water to draw on through the secondary loop, thereby assuring that the radiators get enough hot water to bring the house temp up to tstat quickly, and that there will never be a problem with the boiler getting slammed with cold water.

2) Install a valved loop inside the primary that will bypass the old boiler during the summer time. That will reduce the heated mass in the summer time and save me some coal in the process.

Cost: 1 circulator, 4 valves, 3 radiator valves, some pipe and a days worth of work. Or two.... ;)
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Re: Increasing the heated mass to improve heating efficiency

PostBy: EarthWindandFire On: Tue Aug 07, 2012 3:51 pm

I remember reading on here about the guy's at Automation Correct developing a Coal-Trol digital thermostat for Boilers.

I posted a link to a thread where it was discussed. In fact, I emailed the company yesterday and they should get back to me soon.

Coal-Trol on EFM 520

Now, I'm not saying that a coal-trol would help in your situation. Some boiler users will want a coal-trol and others think it adds complication and should be avoided. Knowing Neal and Paul, the unit should be very impressive!
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