Franco Belge: Can't Get Coal Lit/Draft Problems

Re: Franco Belge: Can't Get Coal Lit/Draft Problems

PostBy: coalstoves On: Wed. Jan. 23, 2008 3:03 pm

yermanjf wrote:I used to have a Victory 700 (Franco Belge knock off) and I have a suggestion for cleaning the ash out of the exaust ports. I use a 18" long washing machine hose. It has prefitted metal connections on both ends that really help.

Wow welcome I didn't think I'd ever talk to somebody that even new what a Victory 700 WAS Heres what I found this is from one of my earlier posts to a Franco B user

I know the feeling of not wanting to go that far and thinking that reaching in with a hose from both fire box ports and chimney connector flange is good enough but one time after half stepping the job I pushed myself to do it right and was shocked at how much got missed . A little penetrating oil on the studs an hour before you start always makes it easier and they can be resealed with flat rope gasket and a couple of spots of gasket cement from a hardware store . When reassembling the wing nuts on the studs need only be tightened a quarter turn past finger tight .
Remember the passage way of the manifold is relatively small and all of it must be utilized for the stove to give the least amount of problems .
Also vacuum the little duct from the thermostat flap to the fire box during operation this is the fires only source of air and again it is relatively small .
Stove/Furnace Make: Harman and Liberty
Stove/Furnace Model: Magnum and Victory 700