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PostBy: franco b On: Thu Aug 23, 2012 4:04 pm

Dann757 wrote:Very funny. I saw 9/11 with my own eyes. You guys think you don't have any enemies. If you have an inkling of conscience; give what you can to a military charity such as http://www.Fisherhouse.org , instead of posting pseudo soft *censored* from Utube.

So, its an either or choice, give to a charity or join our fanatics, preferably both. Nothing in between. No time for humor.

Islam is not our enemy, fanaticism is, from both sides. There is always the Genghis Khan solution of kill em all. We only have about a billion to go. We have only killed 2 or 3 hundred thousand recently so why should that cause hard feeling?

I think the air must be different here in the wilds of CT. than in NJ. because my experience with Muslims at gas stations is very different from yours. Every last one has been cheerful and friendly. Surprisingly some even remember me after not seeing me for a month. I can see some don't quite understand me, but there is a universal language of attitude and demeanor that all recognize. I recognize them as individuals, for as a believing conservative how could I do otherwise? One in particular I regard as a friend. I have known him for about 12 years. He speaks 4 languages and has a degree in engineering. I would not call him a devout Muslim but rather sincere and he does attend Mosque every Friday. His views on politics are very close to my own and you might be surprised to know his views on the crazies are not very different from yours though the reasons come from a different perspective.
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