Floor Registers for Radiant Heat

Re: Floor Registers for Radiant Heat

PostBy: coalkirk On: Sun. Sep. 02, 2012 10:29 am

Wiz wrote:Check your codes and question insurance provider before cutting. One of my rentals fail code inspection due to floor registers, reason was in case of fire in lower level. Fire would travel in a faster rate to above rooms. I had to remove vents and replace floor boards and ceiling to create a firewall. Then install electric baseboard in 2nd floor :mad:

Floor registers do violate code in most areas due to the reason Wiz said. To comply with code, you need fire damper registers. They have a spring loaded damper with a link that will burn quickly, snapping the register closed. No one plans to have a fire but if you do, the open regiaters insure the whole house will burn. :cry:
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