Coffee 9-15-12

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PostBy: Dann757 On: Mon Sep 17, 2012 6:21 pm

Good luck man; I worked with a maintenance mechanic guy once that always took stuff apart but never put it back together. That aint you :D

People must be in a fall cleanout mood, today I got a free Murray mower, free old Rickle mower, free 5 gal steel gas can, free Craftsman weed whacker, free Weed Eater weed whacker, and a 20" Timber Bear chainsaw for $20. It took ten minutes to fix! The rope was off the pulley, that's it! Minty with manual, my other Timber Bear is a great reliable saw. Heavy though.

The customer lady was gonna throw out a Eureka vacuum cleaner, I told her it's prolly just the belt. I could have hoodwinked her but I don't work that way. I was taking the model number down and she said, "You spelled Eureka wrong!" hahahahhah stuff like that used to make me mad, now it's par for the course. Fixed it $3.83. She's giving me a lot of work so no problem, extras keep the customer happy.

Looks like some heavy rain coming in soon, all gutters clear, pickup beds clean and parked uphill....

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PostBy: SMITTY On: Mon Sep 17, 2012 10:12 pm

SWEEEET!! Nice multi-score there. :up: Yeah people that correct you constantly are VERY annoying. My mom was one of those ... :lol: Schoolteacher, after all.

So today was coal day. Me & the wifey hauled 3 pallets down the basement. The pallets are all about 75' from the basement window, so I hooked up my ol' man's old utility cart to the Polaris, loaded it up, then drove it over to the window. The wifey would then hand me the bags thru the window while I stack .... and stack ....and stack! Well, the wifey was getting tired after a couple tons, so she started tossing a few too many bags on the tail of the trailer. Next thing I know, the ass of the trailer is on the ground and the front aimed skyward! I though the latch let go and the trailer just dumped back ... but nope! The whole hitch frame bent in half!! :rofl: I guess that's what happens when you put 1,120 lbs. in a cart designed for 3- 400 tops.

I ended up taking 2 of the old cylinder head bolts from the Focus, ground one side of the head down, and welded them to either side of the bend after I jumped up & down on it to straighten it out. :D Finished up the rest of the pallet no problem.
Coal, loading, '12-'13 season (2).JPG
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1,120 lb. load
Coal, loading, '12-'13 season.JPG
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Nah, we ain't overloadin' nuthin'!!
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Focus head bolts = new structural support .. LOL!
Coal, loading, '12-'13 season, cart repair  (2).JPG
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Finished repair. Even got paint!
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PostBy: SteveZee On: Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:05 pm

Ha,ha,ha,ha, nice fix Smitty! I've had the "low tire" syndrome on mine a few times too. Keep the weight to the front was my motto! :lol:
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PostBy: coal berner On: Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:26 am

Rob R. wrote:The breakfast menu sounds great. I am on my way out the door to feed dad's chickens while he is out of town...if you guys are lucky I will bring back a few dozen cider donuts from the local orchard.

Freddy wrote:I bought coal this week. A pallet of rice for the stove in the barn & 3/4 ton of Blaschak Pea because it was cheap.... $5 a bag, not bad. A neighbor bought 4 pallets of rice from Center Farms and I added a pallet to the order. It's funny how a farm 2 hours north of here sells coal for less than a place 15 minutes away. They haul potatoes to PA & bring coal back.

That is a good buy on the coal. The trucking company that brought my coal said they were bringing a load of potatoes to Harrisburg, so they were happy to cruise up near Pottsville and bring me back a load. Operation "buckwheat" started at 0600 this morning...I dug out the last of the rice (and fines! :shock: ) from the bottom of my drum and filled it with the buck that just arrived. I think it is sized very well, I snapped a picture with a jar of UAE buck for comparison. Crunch crunch goes the will probably be tomorrow before the new coal makes it to the pot. Freddy - you could consider buck for your next 50 ton delivery...the AA and LL will both burn it.

I have been battling wasps and hornets as well. They have one nest that I can't hit with any spray, and I'm not crazy enough to climb on a ladder and see if the spray has any effect on them...I guess I will hope for an early frost.

The Crunch is not the Auger it is the coal breaking up not hurting anything you will not break the S.S. Auger with pure coal only thing that breaks them is hard rocks or dirty wet fines packing up the tube or cats *censored* if the crunch bothers you take the thick wall sec 40 auger pipe off and get thinner wall S.S. tube you will gain another 1/4" of clearance around the auger flights no more crunching bigger pieces feed easier plus the S.S. will never rot out once and done for life
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