Monday Field Trip

Monday Field Trip

PostBy: jpete On: Mon. Sep. 17, 2012 7:26 pm

Thanks to NEPA member Vampiro(for obvious reasons. My kids thought it was great BTW. :) ) I finally sold my Harman Mk I.

He came from NY and I met him in New Haven to make the deal.

And what kind of coal burner would I be if I didn't stop for lunch at the famous Frank Pepe's when it was on the way home? :D

Mmmmmm good! They have a coal oven the size of an apartment. The pizza peels are 10-12 feet long! The coal oven cooks a perfect crispy thin crust.

I got a medium margherita and a medium pepperoni and mozzarella. All five of us ate until we couldn't eat anymore and took half a pizza home! I'm still full 6 hours later but I am eyeballing a couple slices here shortly.

If you go, and I suggest you do, prepare to wait. They open at 11:30 and we had a 15-20 minute wait when we got there around 1. The line got longer once we were seated. And it's a Monday! Saturdays must be rough.

It took maybe 20-25 minutes to get our pizzas so I got to soak up the atmosphere. I never saw them load coal but the firebox is on the right, they have a window fan in front of the open ash door as a stoker and I saw him vacuum the cooking surface two or three times.

It's quite an operation. Now I have to go to Providence Coal Pizza to compare!
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