In Wake of Cheating Scandal, School Test Results Plummet

In Wake of Cheating Scandal, School Test Results Plummet

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(CBS News) New anti-cheating measures put in place in Philadelphia schools are leading to significantly lower test scores.

According to CBS radio station KYW in Philadelphia, scores on the state's Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) test, a standardized exam given at every grade level in the city, dropped sharply. Only 49 percent of students scored "advanced" or "proficient" in math, down nine points from 58 percent last year. When it came to reading, scores dropped seven points from 52 percent to 45 percent this year for the "advanced" or "proficient" category.

"This is the new level that we're going to measure kids by. Because it's very clear from the data that we've seen, that it's been elevated -- artificially elevated -- for the last couple of years," state education secretary Ron Tomalis said to KYW.

In case you missed it Rendell is blaming cuts to the budget......... LOL... Um yea that's the reason.
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