Firing a Pistol Underwater

Firing a Pistol Underwater

PostBy: Rick 386 On: Tue. Oct. 02, 2012 5:21 pm

Neat images located here ... l#comments

Check out the jewelry he creates from the expanded bullets he recovers.

Rick 386
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Re: Firing a Pistol Underwater

PostBy: Dann757 On: Tue. Oct. 02, 2012 6:48 pm

That reminded me of stories I heard about submarine deck guns exploding when the crews didn't allow the water to come out of the barrels first.

Surprised this guy's pistol didn't explode in a similar manner. Maybe he had a cork in the barrel.

The first time I ever saw a potato gun I was amazed. Made a few of them over the years and used to bring them up to my brother's place when the kids were young. My brother is a steadfast engineering type, always has to overthink everything. Well, one time he had a momentary lapse of judgement and somehow managed to put a water balloon in the barrel of the potato gun. We were firing them with Nair hairspray or WD-40 before they de-atomized the nozzles of the cans.
Well, he fired the gun, and the breech exploded, hitting his hand with pvc shrapnel. Luckily he wasn't hurt bad. :o

Re: Firing a Pistol Underwater

PostBy: SMITTY On: Tue. Oct. 02, 2012 8:07 pm

Had a buddy that built a mint one back in the day, out of PVC pipe & a rotary-activated flint system (still don't know where the hell he found that). We'd load it up with Aqua Net hairspray & let 'er rip! WHAM!! Right into the side of a dumpster with impressive force! :lol: Sent a few airborne out of my GF's apartment complex parking lot - must've landed on something ... was a pretty congested area over there. :o :lol: Good times.

Those are some high quality guns he's shooting there. That Kimber is north of 4 figures! :shock: I sure as hell wouldn't treat it like that ... unless I was getting 4 figures for each 4 flowers I sold. Law of averages says that barrel will breach eventually. Not sure how much less of an injury your arm would sustain due to the resistance of the water ....
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