Glenwood #6 Baseheater, Restoral Recommendations?

Re: Glenwood #6 BaseHeater, restoral recommendations?

PostBy: NJJoe On: Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:18 pm

wsherrick wrote:If you have the time to look and have the money to have one restored, then take your time and be picky. As you said there are other equivalent base heaters. Crawfords and Heralds and the others are the exact same design as the Glenwood. And you may find a Glenwood that is perfect. I have two and they are both perfect. You will find one that fits your needs when it comes up. Please let us know when you find something.

Also, don't ignore the base heaters with the internally suspended fire pots. They come in all sizes from very small to large with the smaller ones being more common.

I have all the time to look and be patient. I don't even have my next house yet! The reason why I jumped all over this one was it was priced at 475 (before haggling :P ) and looked good.

What are these internally suspended fire pots? Never heard of them before.

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Re: Glenwood #6 BaseHeater, restoral recommendations?

PostBy: wsherrick On: Thu Oct 11, 2012 5:19 pm

There were several companies that made base heaters with internally suspended fire pots. The Glenwood models are were marketed as, "Our Glenwood," they are different from the other base heaters because they were designed for Anthracite Coal only as the fuel. Base Heaters like the No 6 and others were a development of the Oak Stove concept which was a stove that could burn more than one fuel if necessary. The main difference is in the flame path. The base heaters with internally suspended fire pots have the exhaust gas go down around the outside diameter of the fire pot, then through the base heating chambers on the bottom and then up through a pipe in the back.
This design is ultra efficient. The fire is insulated from heat loss as the hot exhaust gas goes around the fire pot which allows for a constant high fuel bed temperature. This allows for the ideal environment for maximum combustion efficiency as there is little direct heat loss from the fire bed. The fire bed will remain above the ignition temperature of the coal and burns the carbon and volatile gasses almost completely before they can cool below their ability to be burned.
Then on top of that you have a large radiant surface area to radiate the generated heat into the room because of the long path the exhaust has to take to finally make it to the chimney. These along with all the other base heaters are simply brilliant designs. Please see link below on my Glenwood No 9. I have it in addition to the big No 6 in the basement. The thread details how these stoves work and how they perform.

Glenwood No 9 Base Burner-(hopefully) a few photos
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