New Neighbors

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PostBy: Davian On: Wed. Nov. 07, 2012 1:34 pm

On the fracking, I'd start testing your drinking water regularly if you use a well.

On the wind turbines, I completely agree. I see the same hypocrisy in VT with turbines & solar:

"Close down Vermont Yankee (the nuclear plant), its bad for the environment!"

"Okay, we'll close it down but we need to put in a bunch of wind turbines on the ridges to make up some of the shortfall."

"You cant do that! Those are loud and they kill birds and wreck my view!"

"Okay, we'll use solar panels then"

"No, those are too bright and could cause accidents due to the sun reflection!"

"Our only other option is to buy power for Canada"


Yeah um, Quebec Hydro will sell us top dollar (or looney)...and we'll be the first they cut off if they need to have brownouts. The same greens have no issue whatsoever with buying power produced in coal plants in NY...because its out of sight, out of mind. I mean, at least be consistent in your beliefs if you are going to have them.

Me, I see no issue with turbines or solar panels or whatever...just build something.
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Re: New Neighbors

PostBy: freetown fred On: Wed. Nov. 07, 2012 4:02 pm

Dave, my best was a couple guys told me upon my asking, they had permission from Mr Byron (close but no cigar) and wanted to know who the hell I was. They & the property owner were good friends --toothy --idiots
Flyer5 wrote:
freetown fred wrote:Ain't that the truth--I've always loved the ones from Town that own a lil stamp sizeed lot & come out here with their 4 wheelers & snow machines & think that my property is in their daily planner---ONCE ;)

I had people come up on my property once with their 4 wheelers during hunting season. They had permission from one of the neighbors to hunt so they figured they had a right to drive all the properties surrounding the area. That really pissed me off.
freetown fred
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Re: New Neighbors

PostBy: NoSmoke On: Wed. Nov. 07, 2012 6:48 pm

Quite a few years ago now they wanted to put in a Coal Fired Power Plant in Stockton Springs, Maine and everyone got up in arms about it and vetoed the idea. That kind of sucked because we have a lot of blue collar workers here with absolutely no blue collar jobs in which to work at. This coal fired power plant would have created 400 new jobs...all privately funded. Undeterred, they simply went to the near by paper mill, revamped their boilers and without hiring an extra person, now produces coal fired power from that mill. Everything the NIMBY's (Not in my back yard) did not want...smog, pollution, etc, they got without providing one job...

Yesterday the NIMBY's voted on a 11 million dollar bond, that when you triple the cost with compound interest, used Maine Tax Payer monies to provide 800 new jobs. Even if you DO NOT figure the compound interest, these employed people will only make 13 grand a year, which of course is under the Federal Poverty Guidelines, so they will be entitled to free health care, free food, free cell phones, free electricity, free rent, free child care...

Yep, Maine is really moving forward. 11 million dollars for 800 jobs...I am the only one that can do math here?
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