Coffee 11-10-12

Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: Freddy On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 6:28 am

Good morning! Come in, stay a wile, share a story. The coffee is perking and I see a "hunters breakfast" brewing along with it. Fresh eggs.....they are big this week.... home made wheat bread for extra good toast, baked beans, home fries, sweet sausage AND bacon. We have surgeons on standby with stents at the ready. No worries! There's even hot chocolate for the no coffee crowd.

Well.... maybe you got who you voted for, maybe you didn't, but one thing we can all agree on, it sure is nice to not have political commercials on TV! I've even seen some dead air, ahhhhh, quiet is nice!

Awwww, crud, I should have just skipped it.... I had blood work done this week to check whatever they wanted. My cholesterol is OK, always has been, but for the first time ever one thingy-do is high & the Dr wants to see me. What the heck, what for? She's either going to lecture me, or want to put me on some silly pills... Bahhhhh! It's not like I'm going to start taking $500 worth of liver killing pills each month, nor am I about to stop eating! Has she ever noticed how skinny I am? What does she think would happen to me if I gave up the food that gives me the energy to work? I use more calories chewing veggies than get's absorbed from them. Sheeesh!

Old man winter is rearing his head.... at least we know how to stay warm. Enjoy the weekend!
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: I'm On Fire On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 6:42 am

Been up since 0430. Got kicked out of bed by a snoring wife and my two year old. She must've had a bad dream, came running in the room saying, 'Mommy.' in a shaky voice. She crawled right into our bed the moment I told her to come to my side. Once in the bed I got a knee to the chest then.....push off the bed I went. Came out to the living room with a wool blanket, turned up the DS and sat in my recliner.

The plan for today is shoot over to the MUA and offload a bunch of junk. Then I had planned to take my son to the movies but it looks like the theater in Rockaway might still be closed. I refuse to go to the one at the Galleria in Middletown.
I'm On Fire
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: Keepaeyeonit On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 7:10 am

Good morning Fred and the rest of y'all.Breakfast sounds like good eats to me(hold the eggs :D) ,I to am glad this political crap stopped I have never seen it this bad all the $$$$$$$$$$$$ that spent on ads and it's still the same S---! but I know for a fact that this country is not moving in the right direction :( .Lit the stove last Friday with temps in the lower 30's now this weekend it's going to be need 70*,It never fails as soon as I light it it warms up :mad: but only for the next 3 days.You are right about doctors there all in with the drug companies to take your money for S--- you don't need, they put you on pills just because your cholesterol or blood pressure is at the high end but still it tolerance so instead of changing your diet a bit to get things to the mean(just like you said) they just put you on pills and drain your wallet in the process,well thats enough of that all y'all take care and have a great weekend.Keepaeyeonit :)
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: freetown fred On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 7:24 am

Mornin. Ahh yes, beans, beans the musical fruit, the more ya eat the more ya toot! Outstanding breakfast Freddy. Thank you. I'm hoping that Washington might cut back on all it's bickering & try to work together in order to get us heading in a more positive direction. These politicians need to figure out that you're either part of the problem, or part of the solution. I'm hoping more on the lecture end for ya my friend. Some good stuff going on in Town this week-end. ;) Have a good one all. My thoughts & prayers are still with all those that got slammed with these last storms. :(
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freetown fred
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: lowfog01 On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 7:25 am

Morning all,

Up early this morning due to a mean cough - I do so hate this time of year, cold one day, hot the next. It's no wonder everyone has a cold.

Gee, Freddy I thought I was the only one in line for repeat visits to the doctor. About a month ago a weird bump showed up on my calf and it wouldn't heal or drain or do anything but sit there. Unfortunately, the picture hanging in the doctor's office could have been my bump's twin; one look and the doctor said "that's got to come off" and so it did. I'm waiting to see if I need to take further action to remove any residuals from the site. The doctor suspects sun damage from my youth. Who knew back then to cover up and stay out of the sun. :? This like so many things in life it is what it is and will be dealt with accordingly.

Anyway, today's going to be full if not actually busy. We are moving the rest of my now married daughter's stuff out and down the road to her house. The big thing is a piano. A small one, but a piano none the less. While DK and a group of "manly" men tackle the piano, I'll try to deal with removing leaves from our little spot of paradise and make my weekly journey to the grocery store. As always, there's a lot of little things that can be done around the house and I'm sure more will make themselves known. I hope all is well throughout the NEPACrossroads, take care, Lisa
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: Rob R. On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 7:29 am

The food sounds great, but only black coffee for me. I am on my way to get blood drawn and get the same lecture as Freddy later in the week. Got up at 0300 thanks to a little boy with a tummy ache...funny how he has no problem with the waffle and syrup currently on his plate.

The Tahoe rattle remains a mystery, but a new set of plugs and coils cured the skip in my Ford truck. I think I will take the old truck to town and give it a good "run".
Rob R.
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: WNY On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 7:49 am

I guess I don't feel too bad sometimes getting up early, by the sounds of some of you guys. lately been 3 or 4am, I normally get up at 0530.

Hey Freddy, just got all my bloodwork done too a couple weeks ago, didn't find anything (good thing!). Everything was within ranges, but having an issue with my stomach/intestines. a lot of guggling, gas, wakes me up in the middle of night. I have cut out a lot of things. Everything else seems good. Not overweight, been exercising, etc....taking some omniprezone once in while.

Got some moving to do for a work friend today, waffles hopefully will be waiting, I said I work for food, I guess she took it literally ! haha

Both stoves are just idling along keeping the house comfortable. Only have had a few pans of ash so far, maybe better coal this year? Hope so.

Supposed to be 60s this weekend! Hopefully finish a few things outside. Need to change to the snow tires on a couple vechicles, change oil, mount some tires....

Should be a good weekend!
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: Dann757 On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 7:51 am

greetings from blackout town. glad I got the old percolator, it makes good coffee. Freddy, dat right, stay fit, and die anyway! you may have a parasite, your doctor! rigged a $8 transfer switch, a 6O amp pull-out box, at least the gen cord plug can be isolated now. when christie gets done eating breakfast for five hours maybe he'll get the power put back on. my hippie neice went to Nepal with her hippie boyfriend, now everybody gets to worry about her. anything but work I guess. hope to patch a roof today if the snow is off it. also, the more helpless the landlords feel, the more nasty they get! we got lucky minor storm damage, the guy down the road lost his shop to fire caused by downed power lines. lost collector cars, tools, Maserati, but saved a Vette.

Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: KLook On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 8:49 am

Morning all, just coffee this morning. Too busy. Gotta go babysit with the wife so the son and wife can take care of business after her surgery. Gonna video call with son in Maine this weekend and get the Harman up and running via Skype. Hope to shoot with a new friend also this weekend, may not be able to much longer! Have a great weekend all.

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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: Rob R. On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 9:03 am

Alright, I'm back from the blood drawing place and ready to EAT! Man I hate fasting in the morning. Sausage, home fries, and some more coffee please... The old Ford is still ticking and banging in the garage as it cools off, I really gave it hell on the interstate...I'm officially declaring it ready for winter.
Rob R.
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: whistlenut On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 9:16 am

Kevin, your clock has not been set back yet...I looked at your post and said...wait a minute, here!!!! I'm off to VT to get a Boston Boiler 130K. Have never seen one, only wanted one for 43 years. I bought it sight unseen and have to drive 160 miles each way to get it. Georgia Center, VT......who names these towns, anyway. I have never posted any boilers I find and bring back to the 'Hospital', but probably will share this time. I have no expectations, so that makes things easy.
38 out at 6 AM, nice blue skies, waffles today with NH Maple Syrup, blueberry actually, but they are Maine low bush. Can't remember if I need a passport to get into the Peoples Republic of Vermont......or to get out. Might have to chase down Rob while I'm up there. If anyone has any history about the Boston Boiler Company, I'd love to hear about it. Old timers say they have never seen any 260's, only 130's, but I will ferret out more info. Oh Fred: I did get the 'smoke signal' for the General on the 'affair'. Straight up plume of smoke...short delay, another plume of smoke, and so on. Was the 'V' shaped columns for a chemical assist? I am catching on Viagra in Indian smoke talk......smoke it!!!
I just want to add, anything we can do to help out of friends in New York and New Jersey, just ask. I had a friend headed down last night for a week. What a mess....see freefred, I told you to stay on the hill...much safer!
One other thing, check in on a neighbor or friend that might like to go for an errand, or just a ride...... :idea:

ANOTHER THING: ROB, buddy, exit the sausage......bacon, etc. Your cardiologist would kick your butt!!!! Leaves and twigs we call it....if it tastes good, YOU can't have it!!!!!! Ivan is getting you trained!!! I have to be in Georgia Ctr at 13:30 sharp...I'll call. Info from Big D in W, NY
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: 009to090 On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 9:35 am

Had my coffee & donuts earlier. I keep Old Fashioned style donuts in the freezer, and if the kids don't find them, I can heat them up in the toaster. That makes them nice and crunchy on the outside, but soft and fluffy on the inside. :up:

The DVC-500 is humming along nicely. We had frost last night. First time this year. But the next few days are supposed to be in the 70's.

Well I just heard from my brother up in NJ, my old neighborhood just got its power back. Still no phone yet, but that will follow shortly. Dan, are you still out?

Yep, no more political ads, AND no more political PHONE CALLS!!! We were getting 3 or 4 calls a DAY, telling us to vote for this idiot or that idiot.

Freddy, just say "No" when the doctor "wants to talk with you". You can refuse. That forces them to talk to you on the phone, if they really want to talk with you. They just want to collect the $100 Office Visitation fee, when they can trick you into coming in.

Today's project: Weld up a steel cage. Three months ago, our church had its 5 Ton Heat-pump/AC unit stolen. Power chord and copper freon tube just snipped off, then the unit was thrown in the back of a pickup and hauled away.
I have since built a reinforced concrete pad for the new units, with rebar and J-bolts. Now I am welding up 3 inch angle iron to bolt down to the pad. The sight of the cage alone, should discurrage any theives. The pad weighs 3000lbs, and the cage will wiegh 1000lbs. Yes, it will be removeable if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Nothing is sacred anymore.... What is this world coming to??? :mad:
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: Cap On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 9:37 am

Hello everyone!
I'd be lying if I said I am over the election results. Just depresses me so much the way it went down. But anyway, not the place for discussion.

With verbal help from our resident handyman Dan, I am trying to repair an unused brick chimney in my house. Water seeps through the brick & motor and or through the crown some way, somehow. I have sealed the base and the crown in the past but for years would always get some water seepage ONLY DURING very long rain events. Rather than a quick fix this time around, I am going to stucco the damn thing. The brick is out of place anyway, no brick anywhere else on house. I started last weekend. Ready to start the 2nd layer as soon as I am finished breakfast. This is hard job for an amateur mason like me. I tried installing the metal mesh against the brick but just couldn't get it tight enough. So scrapped that idea. Stucco base coat directly against the brick. Making a mess of the roof in way of mortar stains I may consider using veneer stone for the finish but not sure yet. That's even harder to make it look nice, (see other chimney used for my stove). The roof is original nearing 25 yrs old and due to be replaced soon, when I find a good roofing guy.
I am open for suggestions
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One coat of base stucco. Ran out of light & energy, couldn't get to top last week.
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Breakfast! Cream of wheat made with milk, added wheat germ & grape nuts on top.
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: gaw On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 9:40 am

Good morning. Give me double everything. I know the routine Freddy, I think my doctor is a vampire. He wants blood twice a year.

Sandy was worn out by the time she hit us. Yesterday I was in Linden, NJ and they just got power in that neighborhood yesterday morning. The business I went to in Elizabeth just got power on Thursday. The wind damage was evident but a lot of cleanup has been done; now they have to remove the piles of debris from the curb.

78 east and the turnpike north and south in and around Jersey City were jammed solid. I was glad I did not have to go to Jersey City yesterday because I would still be waiting in line.

Freetown fred, I love beans too. I could be a happy bum living on beans everyday and I am always intrigued by the wonderful bouquet of aromas that arise from my anal orifice after a hearty meal of beans. Beware of anal leakage.

Dann757; hang in there buddy! They have not forgotten you. Governor Christy gave Bamster a big old bear hug and said “you’re doing a hell of a job Brownie” The latest reports are that Sandy caused a billion dollars in improvements to New Jersey. :rofl: toothy :rofl: Uh-oh I think I just slayed myself.
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Re: Coffee 11-10-12

PostBy: SMITTY On: Sat. Nov. 10, 2012 11:49 am

Finally finished the Blazer, but can't get a break over here. Fix one thing, 3 things break. Gotta love it. My brother is all pissed off because the Focus is misfiring like a bastard, throwing a light, and barely got him to work. Looks like I'll be the proud owner of it once again. :roll: I've just come to the conclusion that anything built after 1976 is a pile of *censored*! :mad:

In between all that, I've finally uninstalled my generator transfer switch, and rigged up an A/C unit breaker box to a 50A breaker in the panel for power. Now we can run everything instead of just what was in the switch .. and I got to remove all those half-assed light switches I rigged up to run all the stuff that wasn't hooked to the transfer switch ... which defeated it's purpose anyway. :lol: Now the panel is MUCH neater. All I have left is to wire up a 50A 220 line for a welder, and then I can put the cover back on the panel once and for all.

I threw the transfer switch on eBay. It lasted 50 minutes and was sold! :dancing: So basically this whole project made me money! Can't mind that - wish they were all that way!

Went from this:


TO this: Much neater!!
Breaker panel 2012.JPG
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After: MUCH neater
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