Another nail in the coffin

Re: Another nail in the coffin

PostBy: Davian On: Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:21 pm

CoaLen wrote:It's not worth much at all unless you explain what those "...dozen mistakes/assumptions/complete misunderstandings" are.

Well, to start, FBI doesnt handle those background investigations. CIA handles its checks in house and they dont accept outside investigations via reciprocity (neither does NSA for that matter). He would have gotten a full lifestyle poly in that position so either he's a very gifted liar or they already knew about the affair at the time and determined it to not be a threat (which does happen fairly often with this type of appointment). Nobody outside of the adjudicator for the case and the polygraph examiner would have had knowledge of those results as they are, themselves, highly classified for obvious reasons. It was a criminal investigation based on the initial complaint from the crazy woman down in Florida thus FBI had cause to get those emails. They probably then went to a classified courtroom for a warrant (they use those mostly for espionage cases but this would fall under that same arena due to the NSI concerns (National Security Information=NSI). They wouldn't have necessarily informed the President until the case was complete as he doesnt have a need to know unless there's a potential compromise and from all indications, there wasn't. Also, if he used his gov't computer to send those emails (a distinct possibility), they wouldnt have needed a warrant regardless of whether it was on Gmail or not...everything and anything sent/viewed/etc on a gov't computer is fair game without a warrant.

That's just a start.

As for silencing him, that's ridiculous as he still has to testify regardless of his current status and he's still under threat of perjury if he decides to be less than honest. The whole FBI/CIA thing is completely overblown and the FBI had every reason to followup on the initial complaint and then pull the string to see where it led after that.
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Re: Another nail in the coffin

PostBy: I'm On Fire On: Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:50 pm

buffalo bob wrote:
I'm On Fire wrote:Two words come to my mind.


Yes, while I agree that something needed to be done before the loss of life and someone needs to be punished (I'm looking at you Mr. President Do Nothing) now for the inaction in the incident but, weapons ineffective seems to be the only reason why neither the drone nor the gunship were used.

Let's think about it.

The armament of the AC-130U Spooky II consists of (if this was the ship on station),

1x 25mm General Dynamics GAU-12/U
1x 40mm L/60 Bofors
1x 105mm M120 Howitzer (same gun on an Abrams Tank)

And the MQ-1 Predator either had:

2x Hellfire missiles
4x Aim 90 Stingers
6x Griffin air to surface missiles.

Now, considering the embassy had enemy units so close to friendly units that they could physically touch them some would feel that allowing either one of those planes to fire their weapons on a friendly building with friendly units in them? I think the term DANGER CLOSE comes into play here. If there was a special forces unit lasing the target there was no way to know how close the friendly units were. They couldn't talk to one another. Even if they switched to the 25mm cannon the friendly units would be too close to effectively use the weapon. They'd of ended up killing everybody.

What was needed were boots on the ground. They needed to have people for close quarters combat. Using either an AC-130 or a Predator drone would've been considered "over kill" in my book. Yes, it sucks that Americans were killed. Yes, something in the moment should've been done. But using one of these two weapons platforms would not have been the right call. I'm guessing the target was painted in hopes that they were going to be given the green light. But when they considered everything they chose to not risk killing everyone.

Yes, the path they chose to do nothing was the wrong one and they should've had more troops on hand or deployed troops. But I feel lighting up a friendly building with friendlies too close to the enemy using weapons deemed "too large and powerful" would have garnered the same result.

correction...abrams has 120mm

Yes, sorry, the newer Abrams has the M256 smooth bore main gun which fires a 120mm round. My original post was citing the old rifled bore gun (M68A1) which was a 105mm gun. That's probably where I got confused. On top of that, neither the Abrams tank nor the AC-130u Spooky II share the same gun as the tank. That was a slip up on my part. Sorry again.
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Re: Another nail in the coffin

PostBy: Yanche On: Thu Nov 15, 2012 11:32 pm

Davian wrote:Also, if he used his gov't computer to send those emails (a distinct possibility), they wouldnt have needed a warrant regardless of whether it was on Gmail or not...everything and anything sent/viewed/etc on a gov't computer is fair game without a warrant.

Some of the technical forums are suggesting that the method Petraeus and his lover used to exchange e-mails was a common one used by two individuals that don't want their e-mails traced. Just create a Web based e-mail account that both individuals have access too. Reported as Gmail in this case. Then the author creates a message but leaves it in the "Draft" folder. The other logs in and reads it. Simple and the message is never sent, so there is no trace possible, no time stamps, etc. Access is simple from any personally owned smart cell phone. No government or business owned computer systems involved. It would be interesting to know the technical details how the FBI got the contents of the "Draft" folder. Petraeus wasn't a very good spy, he should have used a pre-paid cell phone purchased with cash, encryption and a TOR network for access.
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Re: Another nail in the coffin

PostBy: Davian On: Fri Nov 16, 2012 9:21 am

Yeah, I was reading that too. Apparently the suspected his Gmail account was hacked when they looked at Broadwell's account and saw odd emails...thus, they probably got a warrant at that point for a potential espionage case (pretty huge red flag for a guy in his position to have even a personal account possibly hacked).

Not surprised they'd follow through with it.
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