Reminder - check your convect. fan filters

Reminder - check your convect. fan filters

PostBy: WNYRob On: Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:29 pm

Just wanted to remind folks that have stoves similar to kokers, with filtered - furnace size fans in them, to check your filters often. My stove went out two times earlier this week because of clogged filters. All my furnace/coal trol controls are wired through the high temp shut off circuit, so when my stove wasn't able too cool itself enough due to the clogged filters it shut down long enough for the coal to extinguish itself. Unfortunately, I didn't figure this out till after the second out fire, but luckily I only had one ash pan full of uncooked coal as punishment for my stupidity.

I recently ducted another run for my return air and thought I had kept the mess down to a minimum when I punched through an internal wall, but apparently my filters caught a bit of dry wall dust that severely shortened their life. With the coal-trol running my conv. fan pretty much 24 hrs a day, now that it is cold out, my koker has also turned into a whole house air filter, so vigilance is needed to keep on top of my filter cleanliness.
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Re: Reminder - check your convect. fan filters

PostBy: CoaLen On: Fri Nov 16, 2012 1:33 pm

Thanks for sharing and the reminder! :clap:
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