Help! My Coal stove safety switch wont work

Re: Help! My Coal stove safety switch wont work

PostBy: madesouz On: Wed Nov 28, 2012 9:57 am

KLook wrote:
In fact, people look at me like I am committing a sin when I say I burn coal.

LET me guess, NH, ME, VT, MA!!! :o I see you ended up using my advice and it worked for you. That is good and congrats. Even with all the super help in this forum, sometimes just having someone go over things in person takes a lot of time out of the learning curve. Enjoy the heat!


Do you have that CO detector?

Yes, I did! In fact, I could have replaced the feeder myself, but I chose to pay for the service call just to learn about the stove. And I live in good 'ol Upstate NY, though I moved up from SC and born and raised in the Middle East. Yup, I have CO detectors in every room, but am thinking of replacing them, as I hear they should be replaced occasionally.
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