Warm Morning 414a Speed Tear Down and Re-Seal

Re: Warm Morning 414a speed tear down and re-seal

PostBy: Smokeyja On: Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:02 am

SteveZee wrote:
Smokeyja wrote:I still prefer anthracite but because, at the moment, I can only haul 2400lbs (a pallet) of Anthracite at a time and it's 4 hour round trip time, I treat the stuff like gold! So until Virginia is hunkered down for the real winter season I'm goin to burn this bit. Once we get some steady cold days I'll keep the fire going with anthracite.

I also spoke with my blacksmithing friend and I think he just got us hooked up with almost a lifetime supply of bit for free! We just have to haul it out of an old warehouse and store it on my property... I think we need to rent a dump truck and build a conveyor haha.

At that price "lifetime free" I think you best learn to burn bit coal safely. Good deal if it's good burning bit coal. Have you been able to a sample truckload for testing and good luck.

I have no idea how good it is. It could possibly be but from the Richmond coal mines (mid-lothian) but I'm not sure. It is in an old tobacco warehouse so maybe too new for the Richmond coal but it is a very old tobacco building. My friend randomly told me about it the other day. I wonder what the tobacco company was doing with it. Maybe to run machinery ? I mainly want this stuff to run a coal forge at my house though. I guess if it's good enough to burn free is the best heating ;) . But I need to keep on my friend to call this guy so we don't miss this opportunity . Supposedly the entire warehouse is full.
You know how those "too good to be true" things go though. It could just turn out to be a big disappointment .

Might have been used to help out with drying the baccie in winter? Who knows but I'd check it out. The fact that its been sitting there doesn't bode all that well though but nothing to lose to try it. The stuff in the pix looks like it burns just fine. Is that Kentucky Lump?[/quote]

Hey Steve sorry I didn't see your reply for so long . It is WVA bituminous and the guy I bought it from, Martin Farms (
**Broken Link(s) Removed** , loaded me up with some real large bricks of this stuff. I'm quite happy burning it now that I have figured it out but the price is comparable to blaschak anthracite so I would like to try some cheaper bit and see how that does. Obviously I will be burning in a Glenwood 6 next winter but as of now I love mixing bit and anthracite in the WM. I also need bit for my forge. If I can get the stuff for 50 or less a ton then I'm seriously considering buying enough tons to make it worth my while. Although I'm still going to buy Ant each winter to burn in the Glenwood . The WM is going to be moved to my garage to heat that up when I insulate it.

My reason for bring this thread back is the crazy burn time I am getting on my WM 414a today! The house is an avg 70 degrees all around and I loaded the stove at 0800 and it is now roughly 2300. It's only burned down a 1/4 of the way and the stove has been cruising evenly at 325 on the stove and 125 at the flue!

That's 15hours! I know it was warm today but I am amazed at the stoves performance today ! My wife said "Oh good now we don't need to buy the Glenwood...". Of course I just gave her that look and said oh Bo we are still buying the Glenwood . She was joking of course ;)
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