Any Model Railroaders on Here?

Any model railroaders on here?

PostBy: europachris On: Sun Dec 09, 2007 12:46 pm

I've been an on and off train junkie my entire life, but never really got into building up a real model railroad set. My son, who's 5, is outgrowing the wooden Thomas the Tank Engine stuff a bit, and I was thinking of getting us into 'real' trains. My wife would think I've lost my mind, but I'd love to do a prototype setup based around a coal mining narrow gauge rail line from the NEPA anthracite mines. Bachmann has a real nice line of On30 narrow gage rolling stock, and all O gage accessories from anywhere else will work. What is nice is that being a 30" narrow gage, it runs on HO scale track. It would be a real hoot to build up a nice layout and I even can supply the coal...... :help:

So, does anyone have any history, pictures, websites, etc. that describe some of the railroading around NEPA back "in the day" around the turn of the century up until maybe WWII thru the early 50's until the demise of steam?
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