Thermostatically Controlled AD-1 Draft Inducer

Re: Thermostatically Controlled AD-1 Draft Inducer

PostBy: Lightning On: Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:44 am

lsayre wrote:Lightning, have you considered adding a bimetallic damper to the air inlet of your stove? I did this years ago to a wood stove and it noticeably improved the consistency of the heat output. Should work even better with coal.

If there is nowhere else to locate one, you might even be able to replace your manual air inlet knob with a bimetallic unit at the same location.

Yeah, I've looked at doing that.. Overall though, basically a bimetallic unit would do exactly what my barometric damper already does. The baro keeps heat output flat by keeping the negative pressure in the furnace consistent. Thanks for your suggestion :D
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