A ? for when the oil service man comes

Re: A ? for when the oil service man comes

PostBy: Joeski On: Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:59 pm

NoSmoke wrote:JoeSki,

I feel for you my friend. I have a great radiant floor heating system that I am expanding to do all of my house and not just half of it, and in the next year or two hope to be able to buy and install a coal boiler to help heat the water rather then the propane system I have now. In the mean time I am hand feeding a pot bellied stove so I go anthracite I am burning, but I know how it feels to have to wait for the ideal coal burner to arrive.

Good things come to those that wait however. :-)

Thanks for the encouragement. That Vogelzang Potbelly Stove you have is what model? That might be a perfect quick fix until I get the stoker worked out.
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