Things Your Burglar Wont Tell You

Re: Things Your Burglar Wont Tell You

PostBy: Rwalker On: Tue. Dec. 04, 2012 8:27 pm

Just a heads up, I have read some things that state that you can get into trouble for using wasp spray this way because it goes against the Federal Law thing on the back. However, I am telling the women in my family to take their chances. No jury in the world is going to convict a woman who stopped a rapist with wasp spray. If anything he should be thanking his lucky stars it was wasp spray and not a .380. It is always better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6. ;)

My house is a fortress. Drives the wife and in-laws batty sometimes. You would think being from Detroit you would lock your doors but I have to follow them around when they are here locking doors behind them. My wife is used to it now! LOL! My doors are always locked, even when I am home, and a gun is not more then a few steps away. Since I have small children so the clips are high above their reach, but the guns all have open actions so I just have to grab, slap a clip in, and release the action. However, my kids know the difference between their toy guns and daddy's pow pows!

Windows are locked with the safety knobs on them that pop out and prevent the window from opening more then a few inches. Sliding doors have locks and security bars. All doors that open in have battery powered wedge alarms and I have motion detectors in various locations. Good to have battery powered in case the power goes out. I don't believe in security systems as those who have them seem to have lots of issues with them. I like the battery powered alarms. Wakes me up and instead of a phone call from some security outfit I grab the .45 carbine and Surefire Flashlight and get to investigating.

Of course, when out and about I am always aware of exits and when we go out to eat, I always have to face the door. The wife and I are always carrying as well. We have a plan for a home invasion, I wont get into detail but it involves massive amounts of firepower.

Speaking of things waking you up at night...first year in our new house we left our garbage can out back. We were awoken by the sound of something slamming against the side of the house. I grabbed my .45 pistol and racked a round and snuck out to the kitchen. I threw on the light and opened the back door and was face to face with about a 300 pound black bear who wasnt scared a lick of me. It took some "persuasion" to get him to leave...the wife, being a "city girl" grabbed the camera:
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