DS 1500/1600Wh Any Problems?

Re: DS 1500/1600Wh Any Problems?

PostBy: I'm On Fire On: Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:02 am

ridgeracing wrote:I had to laugh at military time 18:00, 22:00.
My wife gets pissed when I say it, confuses the hell out of her! USAF

I myself have never been in the military. BUT, I've always used military time. The days go in 24 hour cycles so it only makes sense to start at 00 and end at 00 with the new day. Some of the guys I work with don't understand why I use it and I've even been yelled at for using it on my reports. But I sign in on the report at 0800 and sign out at 1600 when I'm done. Makes sense to me. All the clocks in the house that can be set to 24 hour time get set to it too.
I'm On Fire
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Re: DS 1500/1600Wh Any Problems?

PostBy: MudFlapLip On: Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:55 am

ridgeracing wrote:I had to laugh at military time 18:00, 22:00.
My wife gets pissed when I say it, confuses the hell out of her! USAF

Yeah buddy, USAF here too. That's all I use is military time. Happy Veterans day to all the other vets btw.
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Re: DS 1500/1600Wh Any Problems?

PostBy: Jersey John On: Tue Nov 26, 2013 4:20 pm

titleist1 wrote:
Jersey John wrote:By the time the bed is quite full, and I try to shake, I can't tell if I'm shaking it enough....and usually find later that for some reason, the fire has extinguished itself, with a full bed of spent coal.

What do you mean by a full bed of spent coal? Do you mean it is burned up, nothing left?

Regarding shaking.....Gunny Highway said it best.... if you shake it more than once, that's pleasure and we're not in that business.... 8-)

Not sure why I missed this response....

What I have found in the last week is that I'm getting wonderful hot fires up to 700 degrees at the surface when I'm using primarily nut coal. Over the course of the last month of ownership, I was only burning pea. After a night of burning or checking on it 10-12 hours later, I can still see that I have hot coals towards the middle or one side, with lots of ash buildup towards the back and often to the side of the hot coals. I've learned from this forum that it need a vigorous shake...or chance losing those coals that are still burning. So, I often just stir the ash to the bottom and let them sift through....

I know my chimney is clean, as I checked and cleaned it before installing the stove. I do however have two masonry flues right next to each other....one for wood, the other for coal. Maybe there is some residual heat affecting the draft of the other? I would think in extreme cold temps that it would be better...since I know my wood stove is drafting better than ever. I have a Barometric damper set up to a setting of 4-6 depending on how cold it is, and a window just slightly in front of the stove to the right side, where my damper in the back is aimed towards. Chimney height is aprox. 24 feet.

Once I get the fire going...it's great. I think my problem is not adding fuel soon enough and therefore having to deal with rekindling a cooling fire...

I am still learning...and feel I've gained a lot of ground this past month...but agree, that my issue is probably getting a more consistent draft for longer better burning time.

Thanks again for your input and suggestions...
Jersey John
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