How Many Control Your Hitzer Just the Ash Door Valve Only?

Re: How many control your Hitzer just the ash door valve only?

PostBy: oliver power On: Thu Dec 06, 2012 9:56 pm

I've mentioned many times how I've run my Hitzers with great efficiency/performance. I also believe it is engineered to be run this way: The ashpan door vents are like the throttle lever on a tractor. You give the stove just enough throttle to keep the fire active. In colder months, you may want the fire more active. Normally the holes look half moon shaped in milder temps, round most of winter, and slightly oblonged in the coldest, bitter, dead of winter. Once the entire mass of stove is up to temperature, then set the back dial to maintain temperature. The back dial is like the governor of a tractor. So, set the throttle, and run on the governor. Oliver
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