Please Neeed Some Good Old Advise With My Newmac

Please neeed some good old advise with my newmac

PostBy: gweedow On: Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:03 am

Hello all.
Great forum. New to this forum, and maybe half new to heating with coal again. What I mean is, 35 years ago I got rid of the big old coal furnace and put in an oil furnace only, yes misstake. Now retired a couple years ago and with that liquid gold (oil),furnace, I had a Newmac combination oil/wood/coal furnace put in. It was put in about a week ago. No problem start the fire with coal. Man great heat. But I seem to get the house heated upto the high 80s. Please help me to understand and get it into this thick head that these new furnaces are not like the big old one I had.
Several times a day (with this newmac) I would go down and and make sure there was good red glowing coals. I then would put only a small little shovel of coal around the red coals. Only at night when time to go to bed would I bank the bed of coals. I would get up next morning and there would still be red coals under the little hump of coals and temp would be around 70s degrees which is not bad.
But what I am getting at is how do you manage your furnace so the temp dose not get close to the real high 80s. I do not leave the ash door open. Only when I want to make sure the coals are red and to make the new few coals I put in are ready to catch fire.I stay there untill I see flames again, (only a few minutes) and then close the ash door. I was even concerned about the cold air blower all ways being on for couple hours. I guess thats because of me haveing fire so hot and the censor keeping it on. Hope you can make me change into the new way of fireing my new furnace. Thanks
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Re: Please neeed some good old advise with my newmac

PostBy: franco b On: Mon Dec 10, 2012 11:19 am

You should have a barometric damper to keep draft uniform.

How is the air that goes under the grate controlled? Is it manual or some form of thermostat?

Loading the coal in several layers as you do will greatly lessen any chance of puff back.

Finding out how low you can go with the heat output is something you will have to determine by gradually lowering the air input until there is danger of losing the fire.

Pictures of the unit and especially the fire pot and grate would be helpful. We also don't know where you live.
franco b
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