Smaller Vigilant II? GODIN 3721

Smaller Vigilant II? GODIN 3721

PostBy: vmi1983 On: Tue. Dec. 11, 2012 12:56 pm

Hello everyone,

The VigII is cruising. Easy to maintain, and puts out the heat. I have never had an issue with this stove. I wish there was a smaller version. Are there any stoves that are designed like the VIGII, i.e., internal damper, and the internal side gas exit ports?

The stove will heat the rear
area of the house (1850 era).

ALSO I JUST RECEIVED A GODIN 3721. It is a large round model (1978) and it is in excellent condition. It burns everything, nut, wood, etc. The shaker grate
is small.... I'd say it will be very difficult to maintain the fire. I've read the posts about Godins, I am still confused as to how to maintain them. Does anyone have a video,
or step=by-step procedure, I could work off of? :D


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Re: Smaller Vigilant II? GODIN 3721

PostBy: franco b On: Tue. Dec. 11, 2012 1:09 pm

After or during each shake you have to get burning coal down to the grate area. This is difficult because as you pointed out the shaker part of the grate does not cover the whole bottom and the coal tends to bridge and hang up. I have used one half of the type of tongs that are used in barbecue sets. The metal is thin enough and flexible enough to poke through and under the front grate to assist in clearing the ash. After clearing ash you might have to give the bed a poke from above to get it to fall.
franco b
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