Replacing Miller "Wet Pack"

Replacing Miller "Wet Pack"

PostBy: NoSmoke On: Thu. Dec. 27, 2012 4:44 pm

Anyone know how hard and expensive it is to replace a "wet pack" on a Miller Furnace? My father had one shoot a hole in it after the wet pack blew out and blew a hole through the fire chamber box. Fixing that is easy, but just not sure if it is worth replacing a wet pack when a used Miller Furnace can be had for $250 bucks locally. It would work pretty good in my wood working shop that is all.
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Re: Replacing Miller "Wet Pack"

PostBy: littlefish On: Mon. Dec. 31, 2012 9:48 pm

gotta pull the burner and plate, studs will break... I torch them red hot, then gently wrench as it cools if they are rusted. use lots of antiseize on assembly. Will need gaskets, chamber, available from Lynn products. Miller's usually die from being oover fired or not having ductwork attached to the base... gotta have some static pressure around the heat exchanger. scrap it if it's cracked BE SAFE.... CALL A MAINE LICENSED OIL OR GAS SERVICE TECH.... we needthe work to pay the statefor the privilege of working:-) but really, on the coast they get eaten by the salt so be careful.
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