Vinyl vs. CD vs. DVD Audio/SACD

Re: Vinyl vs. CD vs. DVD Audio/SACD

PostBy: rubicondave33 On: Sun Dec 30, 2012 7:40 pm Nice reel to reel here. Great movie too.
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Re: Vinyl vs. CD vs. DVD Audio/SACD

PostBy: dll On: Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:22 am

I have a collection of music that goes back 50 years. My preference is to keep it in it's original format and listen to it on my home system that consists of turntable, open reel tape deck, CD/SACD player, and more recently with Hi-Res Download computer playback.

The attached graph is one I put together from data that was published in The Absolute Sound magazine, other sources, and my own experience. The numbers for the sources above 150 are subjective and were derived from listening tests in their respective formats on high end systems. Analog vinyl was not part of the listening tests, however from my own and others experience I would put at the same level as the SACD.

The X axis scale (Sound Quality Scale) is set to 100 at the standard CD. This is the point where a majority of people are used to hearing digital music.
There is a bar for what is called “Emotional Threshold”, this is the point where most people would hear a definate change in the quality of the source material, this could also be called the “WOW” point.

SACD was thought to be dying a few years back. Over the past few years I have noticed a growing number of SACD releases and re-releases. A lot of the SACD reissues are Hybrid, this makes them readable on conventional CD players in conventional CD quality and SACD quality on an SACD capable player.
On a good remastered SACD the difference between that and a standard CD is very noticable. In my collection they are Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon and Dire Straits Brothers In Arms. I also have some that are not that great like Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks.

What has really taking off in the audiophile community is Hi-Res Download. Up until recently the hardware to get into this format was too expensive for most people. However, over the past year there have been some price breakthroughs in the hardware. The one that I am currently experimenting with is called Dragonfly. See ... y-usb-dac/
In addition the amount of download music available is expanding incredibly fast. See
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