Pocono Coal Feed Motor

Pocono Coal Feed Motor

PostBy: birtja On: Sat. Jan. 05, 2013 9:19 pm

We have no dealer in area. The motor for coal feed looks to be a general small motor but can not find a name or model number. I would like to pick up a spare since stove has been run for 3 seasons and don't want to shut down. What motor should I look for if need to replace.
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Re: Pocono Coal Feed Motor

PostBy: Matthaus On: Mon. Jan. 07, 2013 12:27 am

The feed gear motor is a 1.5 RPM 120 VAC motor with a 5/16 -18 NC thread out put shaft, it is made by glkeason Avery in Aburn NY.
Not sure if you get to either of the following locations:

22.3 miles
Ashlee Stove and Coal Shoppe, 48 Main St, Lincoln, ME 04457
Phone: 207-794-2930, Dave (Owner)
52.9 miles
Aroostok Milling Company Inc, 15 Millview Ave, Houlton, ME 04730
Phone: 207-532-6130, [email protected]

If you contact one of these dealers they can most probably take your credit card info over the phone and have the part shipped direct to save you a trip (if not give us a call at 570-752-1811 and we can get you a feeder motor shipped direct).

Thank you for buying our products and stay warm.
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