Petit Godin 3726 - flue question

Petit Godin 3726 - flue question

PostBy: stumpp64 On: Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:43 pm

I have recently acquired a Petit Godin 3726 (small oval). The manufacturer's tag on the back states that the stove is rated as "au charbon" (for coal). It is in nice shape, but after I got it home I noticed that the exhaust box is sized for a 4" flue.
Now, I love the appearance of the stove. But burning coal is a bit of a problem for me. I was planning on obtaining a 4"-5" adapter, running 5" flue about 7' up to the ceiling, and then going to 6" for the last 8'-10'.
Will this work for wood, or will it just turn into a smoking dragon?
Any suggestions?
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Re: Petit Godin 3726 - flue question

PostBy: KaptJaq On: Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:31 pm

I have a 110 cm ( about 4.3 inch) outlet on my large round Godin. At the stove outlet I step up to a 5" flue. It is about 6 feet to the thimble where it enters a clay lined 22 foot long 8x12 flue. I usually burn coal but when I need a quick hot fire just to get the chill out of the house I burn wood. As long as your stove is still reasonable air-tight you can control the burn and not have smoke problems. The "air wick" behind the front firebrick lining introduces enough air to help control the smoke. Your 15' to 17' of 5" & 6" round should give enough draft for it to burn well if there are no other problems. The Godin is not the best wood stove, frequent reloads and minimal ash capacity, but it does burn cleanly.

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Re: Petit Godin 3726 - flue question

PostBy: Chiefcamper On: Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:11 pm

I have the large oval, it has the 5" outlet. I have a 5 to 6 adaptor, use 6" pipe for about 2 feet up, then into an 8" thimble about 3.5ft horizontal, into a 20 ft 7x7 clay chimney. I think my stove is sealed pretty well, but if I try the newspaper trick, the paper just burns up and the smoke finds its way out of every crevice it can LOL.

It sounds like it should work although every setup is different of course. I find that with wood I have no problem at all getting enough draft. Some people have used hairdryers to get the draft going, I started using a propane torch to light and and start a consistent draft for wood, and avoid the smoke. I'm sure others have as well. Hope that's not considered cheating :)

You may want to consider a Manual Damper, especially for wood.

Another thing would be, when you set out to light a wood fire, get it right the first time with kindling, etc, as you really don't want to be opening your top door much at least for an hour or two. Once you have the stove warmed up, a decent ember bed on the grate, and the wood (1st or 2nd load) into a good burn, the draft could allow you to leave the top fill door open a little longer when refueling.

Average Time between fills is 2-3 hours.

You will find with wood, that you're getting a lot of heat off of the pipe, unlike using coal in this stove. If it's heating up too much, I sometimes put less logs in there and keep drafting it the same. Also using the manual damper.

Hope It works out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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