Really well done, Assault weapon /gun debate

Really well done, Assault weapon /gun debate

PostBy: Flyer5 On: Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:31 pm ... CxDvwObwZk

Still trying to learn how to embed these things
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Re: Really well done, Assault weapon /gun debate

PostBy: dcrane On: Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:23 pm

If you click the utube tab at the top of your message response or post it will automatically imbed the code needed, then all you do is copy paste the utube link you wish to use in between these codes which will automatically imbed onto your message by simply clicking that utube tab. I know on some occasions Flyer that i need to reclick on the utube link or remove the section on the http line that say "embedded" before i then copy paste it again for it to work (I had to do that on this particular vid you just tried)... I know if you keep practicing you can do it because im the biggest computer idiot their is and if i can do it my friend so can you ;) forum coding, http, php, etc. is a fascinating field the simple code required for imbedding utube vids is as follows [utube] copy paste link here [utube] <<<<see how simply it is and Rich was kind enough to give us a button to save us from having to do that 2 second task!

also... it goes further... lets say you want to get fancy and make the text in your message blue or pink or green.... well hold onto your hat! here goes the code for that magical feat below...

[color=enter color name here]text you want here[/color]

It is so easy its incredible and the things that can be done are as large and explosive as you wish to learn, you can make your prof name sparkle with glistening stars or tri colored and many other things (Im sure Rich has many things disabled for our own protections, but basic things he would have no problem with people trying to learn here), maybe i should start a section for people like us who want to learn some basics?
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