DF520 Remove or Keep for Sale of House in PA?

DF520 Remove or Keep for Sale of House in PA?

PostBy: daluds On: Tue. Jan. 29, 2013 8:49 pm

My folks have been running a DF520 since early 1980's with large coal bin, and they are considering selling the house in a year or so. The house is well insulated so they only burn 4 or less tons a year. They wanted to replace the boiler with a more efficient oil boiler for the sale of the house. Does having the DF520 (oil/coal) make it harder to sell a house in the Doylestown PA area? I told them we could sell the used DF520 if this was the option they preferred. Of course, if I move down there and buy the house I would keep it! :-)

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Re: DF520 Remove or Keep for Sale of House in PA?

PostBy: tsb On: Tue. Jan. 29, 2013 10:08 pm

If your parents can run and maintain the boiler for the next year, I would keep
the boiler in place for the sale. If the new owners are not thrilled with coal, an
arrangement can be made in the sales agreement for a boiler of their choice
to be installed. They could split the cost or deduct from the price. The coal
boiler could then be sold for the cost of a new boiler.
There may even be gas available by then. Or you may hook a coal burner
that would be pleased as punch with the 520.
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