Keystoker A80 vs LL Hyfire I

Re: Keystoker A80 vs LL Hyfire I

PostBy: coaledsweat On: Wed Dec 19, 2007 12:12 pm

Cohiba8250 wrote:You guys do love your boilers huh.

A boiler is cheaper and easier to operate, will store heat and last a lot longer than a furnace. Water is a much better medium to transfer heat with than air.
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Re: Keystoker A80 vs LL Hyfire I

PostBy: BugsyR On: Wed Dec 19, 2007 2:24 pm

1. I agree with the boiler guys. If I ever get the chance to build again, it will be a boiler again but with a good layout of zones.
2. I have to try and change your mind about the A/C though. My wife demanded central air conditioning to be installed in our house while it was being built in 2004-2005. Summer of 2005 we hit a hot dry spell...that A/C was seriously used during those days and every summer since. We live in a neighborhood out in the country. Yes it is breezy and it is not hot all summer long but when that breeze stops, windows close and...thank God for A/C. The neighbors laughed at us because we moved up from Virginia, told us we don't need A/C in PA. Since then the "laughers" have installed window units in 3 of their rooms. It is now winter time and those window units are removed and stored somewhere....garage? basement? attic? closet? My central a/c is just turned off. ;)
Have it installed and added to your mortgage. If you don't have the whole job done at least have all the duct work done while the house is being built. If you go with the coal hot air furnace make considerations for central a/c also.

One more thing. Not to knock coal or anything but if you are building a home around coal as you only heat source...God forbid...what happens if you are injured or disabled to some extent that you cannot handle the chores of coal heat?
I grew up in a home where my father suffered from heart disease. I was the youngest and last to move out (1984). It wasn't long after I left that they had to switch from coal boiler to natural gas boiler because those coal chores were just too much for Dad. Dad passed in 92, Mom is still in the same house with the same natural gas boiler that uses the majority of the same plumbing the coal boiler used. Conversion didn't kill them because not much plumbing work had to be done. (gas prices now are hurting her though :x )

Suggestions: get the A/C and consider all opinions for heat sources. Southern facing wall with windows means you likely will have a southern facing roof for Solar panels. Example: Check out "Solar Options" "Solar Option II". (It's an idea). Don't want to do Solar but maybe in the future....have the plumbing run while the house is being built. Solar power for the future? Have the wiring run while the house is being built.
Just some ideas. Hope it helps. If you want to know the mistakes I made while this house was being built, let me know. :)

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Re: Keystoker A80 vs LL Hyfire I

PostBy: Cohiba8250 On: Wed Dec 19, 2007 3:02 pm

Hadn't thought about solar panels. Hmm would be a great idea although if I could get one of those windmills from Forest City or Waverly I would be all set LOL. I currently live in Richmond but grew up 1/2 mile from where I am building this house. You are right there are maybe 5-10 days a year to use A/C. However if you go down to the Valley you need that A/C 30-40 days a year. It's amazing what 1500 ft does do wind currents.
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Re: Keystoker A80 vs LL Hyfire I

PostBy: Yanche On: Wed Dec 19, 2007 7:24 pm

Cohiba8250 wrote:Yanche why 2 chimneys? Wouldn't 1 8 inch clay flue meet the needs? Or is there an advantage to have 2 stacks?
I assumed a desire for a hand fired stove as non electric heating backup. This could be your wife pleaser, family room, coldest day of the year additional heat, etc. stove. The fire code only permits one solid fuel appliance per chimney. Hence the need for two stacks. Two or more COAL units will work on a single chimney but that's not what the fire code allows.
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