Reading Allegheny Stoker Stove

Reading Allegheny Stoker Stove

PostBy: Boiler Repair Man On: Thu. Feb. 14, 2013 10:14 am

First time poster but long time luker. I was heating with a Alaska stove for years and due to the bottom rusting on it had to either fix or get a new stove. After doing some shopping around I found myself a good used Reading Allegheny stoker. Stove was only 4 years old and in excellent condition. It still had the tri-burner stoker system installed. Has the 455cfm circulation blower and the slanted hopper and the 6" round hot air circulation tap installed on the top. This unit does not have the coal troll system.

Installed the stove and man what a beast. I am asking myself why I didn't do this sooner. I love the way she burns and heats. I called the local dealer and asked about parts and kind of dropped my jaw when he told me the prices. I called the Reading Stove Company store and talked to William Kirwan (570) 366-7788. He told me the prices for the parts in the store and I was surprised at the difference. I was in the area of the store and stopped in. Nice guy to deal with and very helpful. It should be noted he has some great deals on stoves in his store. I am looking forward to making a trip down again.

While I was there I bought the combustion fan upgrade kit. It upgrades the tri burner stoker system to a separate squirrel cage fan with motor that is a higher cfm then the older tri burner system. I also bought a new stoker motor while there due to wanting a spare and want to start out with a new motor. The new motors they carry are built better then past ones. Installed the upgrade kit, easy to do, and the new motor. Wow I loved the stove before this upgrade and now I am truly in deep love with this whole new set up. My ash was nice before but now it is heavenly. I also seen a increase in the heat the stove produces.

I should note on the upgrade. By removing the combustion fan from the tri burner motor you should see a increase in motor life due to the removal of the extra stress on the motor shaft which will no longer be applying the weight of the fan and vibrations to the bearings the rotor.

I am pleased with this whole unit and Reading Stoves and would/will recommend it to anyone. I like the design of the Reading stove in how they build a heat exchanger inside the firebox to get more heat out of the stove.

Thanks for allowing me to post and share. If anyone wants please feel free to asked me any questions.

Boiler Repair Man
Stove/Furnace Make: Reading Stove Company
Stove/Furnace Model: Allegheny

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Re: Reading Allegheny Stoker Stove

PostBy: mattcoalburner On: Thu. Feb. 14, 2013 4:48 pm

I sell Reading stoves, along with Hitzer stoves, and I agree they are a good quality stove. So many people are high on alaskan's and low on Readings But I think they're both good stoves
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