Replacement Glass on the 44

Replacement Glass on the 44

PostBy: clownbarber On: Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:59 pm

If we go to the local glass shop & get T.G. to fit, we can use the stove for wood?
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Re: Replacement Glass on the 44

PostBy: dcrane On: Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:23 am

absolutely you can! the glass is simply 1/4" inch thick tempered (they actually have better products out their today im sure). also note... if your only burning wood you don't ever need to worry about the firebrick condition or the grate condition whatsoever (You can remove the grate by pulling/pushing it up through the top door). The main drawback using this model as a woodburner is the size and amount of wood you can use because of the limited space and door opening, but if you can make sure your wood is cut and split accordingly then its fine (simply load up the logs vertically) and it will do a fine job.

I should note that if your intent is to heat your home with wood or really put a dent in your heating bills by burning wood you should look into other options because this wont heat your house or burn over nite with wood. But as a nice lil' fireplace option or to heat a room or small garage it can surly do that with wood. as a coal stove however... its a lil' powerhouse!

There are not many stoves that can be thrown of the Empire State Building and then still function... this is one of them ;)
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