Shady Contractor

Re: Shady Contractor

PostBy: anthony7812 On: Sat. Mar. 09, 2013 11:01 am

Richard S. wrote:
michaelanthony wrote:Also a chance to look at his handy work.

My experience has been that contractors houses are usually not all that great even if they do fantastic work.

Very true...My grandfathers house might not have been the nicest house. But it was tended too. Might have had older windows and old door but they made it look aweseome. Never had alot of time to replace things on his own but he does take care of his *censored*. Freakin yard looks like a golf course. 78 years old and he would do laps I mean laps around me and most people I know. I know we are all partial to our family but I could still step back and say damn.
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