Another CO Close Call.

Re: Another CO close call.

PostBy: rockwood On: Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:27 pm

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Re: Another CO close call.

PostBy: Lightning On: Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:10 am

We know for sure that if they had had the detectors there, maybe we could have avoided it,

I'm pretty sure it would have been avoided with detectors. $100 for a few detectors is insignificant. I think not only should we be adamant about carbon monoxide detectors on the board here, but also reach out to friends and family that use other fuels and tell them how important CO detectors are. Post it on FaceBook. The next time you text message with your friends or are on the phone, take a moment to share your knowledge. It could save their life...
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Re: Another CO close call.

PostBy: Hambden Bob On: Tue Feb 25, 2014 6:50 am

This wasn't a close call...It was a Direct Hit. Sounds like it was a Natural Gas or Pro-Pain Fueled Home. I don't know how much more adamant about CO and CO Detectors we can be. We push hard with every Newby that stops here. We don't know how long they'll be a part of us,here,so they get the CO Warning Package from us,right from the get go. I find a lot of Folks seem to think CO Meters are an after thought and a Pain In The Ass. They treat Manometers the same way.Two damn good Tools in the fight against CO. I'm amazed at the Care that all of You Good CoalBurners put into New Arrivals here at the Board. Pour It On. Keep it going. Keep getting the Word on CO out. :up:
Hambden Bob
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Re: Another CO close call.

PostBy: Sunny Boy On: Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:33 am

Friend of mine owned an oil company on Long Island. Just about every winter, there would be stories in the news papers down there of people dying of CO poisoning in their sleep.

He said the main problem is when they switched over from fuel oil to gas heat. With oil heat, the chimney flue gets a scale of soot. Over the years, that soot builds up, flakes off and falls down in the chimney. Normally, the high heat of the oil burner burns it off as it tries to build up in the chimney base. Not a problem unless the high heat of burning fuel oil stops.

When they convert over to gas, some gas companies will do a chimney cleaning. But, there are some private contractors who do the conversions for the gas company and some of them don't bother with the cleaning. With gas burning cooler than fuel oil, it can't burn off those soot flakes that build up and the chimney's will sometimes get clogged.

He said the owners should always request a chimney cleaning when converting from oil to gas heat, but too often, the gas contractors don't tell them. :mad:

Sunny Boy
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Re: Another CO close call.

PostBy: jpete On: Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:21 pm

Got a call today to do a maintenance at a business. Seems the property management guy hadn't done anything to the place in about a year and some of the workers were complaining they weren't feeling well lately so he wanted us to change the filters in the rooftops.

The journeyman I was working with decided since there wasn't any work done, we were going to give them the full work up so that means a close inspection of the heat exchangers.

Guess what I found???

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Somewhat hard to see but the black vertical line that hooks left at the top is a crack in the heat exchanger. There is another just to the right where the pipe is bent.

Can't imagine why people were feeling sick....
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