Rescuing Sprite...Must Read

Rescuing Sprite...Must Read

PostBy: Ed.A On: Sat. Dec. 22, 2007 10:52 pm

My wife asked me to do a review of Mark Levins book " Rescuing Sprite" for her website. After reading and posting in the E.Alleg thread about "dumb dogs"I though perhaps it was appropriate to post it here. If not, ditch it.
**Broken Link(s) Removed**This critically acclaimed book was very hard to read. Any dog owner ( cats as well)....oK PET owner, should read this touching and heart warming story about a man, his family and his dogs and most importantly the passing of mans best friend.
Mark Levin (known as the "Great One" on national syndicated Radio) takes you through the story about Rescue Dogs and how he ended up with Sprite who they were told was 3-6 years old when infact more like 10-12.
Sprite and their other pup Pepsi soon became fast friends and bonded with the kids and Mom and Dad immediately. Mark brings you the story about his love and the returned love our dogs bring us all in a way that you can actually feel.
You know up front that you will dread the ending, what you don't realize is that we all go through this no matter the class your in and you'll find that Mark Levin finds this surprising and helpful and so will you.
Personally, when Mark writes, "it's us humans who are the lucky ones to have them" he is so correct. Although Mark unabashidly makes no bones (pun intended) he's a DOG lover it doesn't diminish this book for Non-Dog owners, it's the journey we embark on with all our "babies" and I considerd this all while reading it. I doubt Mark thought of this when writing it, and it was after all written in tribute to Sprite. If your a cat person or a reptillian it won't matter, this book is for you.

Like I prefaced this at the beginning, this was a very hard book to read, but I just could not put it down and read it cover to cover in one day ( noon until 11:30pm on a Sunday). If your sheepish about public emotion, hide yourself away for an afternoon (trust me) you'll need it.

I highly recommend this book to anybody, even non-pet owners, it's just a great book for reading about the human and animal spirit and the connection and love we share with them.

On a side note, proceeds will be provided to shelters and rescue operations from this book.
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